An Insight Into Objective Chemistry 12

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An Insight Into Objective Chemistry 12

All Praise be to Allah, who is ‘the Creator’ and ‘the Giver’ of every blessing. And thanks to the noble hearts who welcomed, liked, appreciated and promoted our first publication. And also thanks to those who critically analyzed our maiden attempt, and thus helped and guided us in improving our future work. The happy result of all this is in your hands:
                                “An Insight into Objective Chemistry-12”
The book is built on the same pattern, that is, it covers 61 out of 85 marks of the theory paper. Each chapter starts with topic-wise short questions, collected from the chapter as well as from the textbook exercise. Next are important long questions, selected from all Punjab previous board papers. Then comes the MCQs section, which has been divided into three categories: A-Textbook Exercise; B-Previous Boards Essentials (2014-2018) and C-Textbook Conceptuals. The A and B portions are very important for the sake of board examinations, promising maximum marks, InshaAllah. The third portion C comprises article-wise textbook conceptual MCQs. These are especially extracted to help the student clear his concepts about chemistry and are especially useful for MDCAT, ECAT & all sort of entry tests. The answer key has been given in the end. The explanation of the highly conceptual MCQs will be provided soon in the form of a free android application : “Objective Chemistry Part-II” Hopefully, the book will be taken for granted by the teachers as well as by the students, and will help the students in their walk to the victory stand. Now, let’s ‘share the pleasure of knowing’, and do join us in our ‘Voyage to the Chemiverse’.

 Ejaz Husain Abbasi

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