You’re tired and ready to curl up with a good book. You can relax in your favourite chair and enjoy the company of other people. Take a look at the stack of books on the nearby end table. Let’s take a look at the books on the nearby end table. Think. What is algebra? No! what about biography about George Washington? That could be an interesting idea. You will then notice the latest fiction novel by one of your favourite authors. It’s perfect! You are most likely in the mood to read a good book. So you’ll read the fiction book.

The imagination of its creator creates a work of fiction. The author creates the story. They create the characters, plot, dialogue, and sometimes even the setting. Fictional works do not claim to be able to tell the whole story. Instead, it immerses us into experiences we may never have had. Real-life introduces us to people we might never meet. We meet up and go to places we would never have been able to in any other way. This is the way. Fiction can be inspiring, frightening, and engaging ideas. It can make us look at ourselves and the world in a new and more interesting way.

Fiction is one of the most beloved genres in literature. It features fictional characters and events. The fiction genre is often divided into some sub genres: historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, romance fiction and modern fiction.