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Alex Cross is on the vacation and is enjoying the holidays in Disneyland along with his family. The Hollywood is under the crisis as some unknown killer is targeting the A list. Everyone in the Hollywood is terrified at the situation and wants the law enforcement agencies to tackle the situation strictly and with iron hands. James Patterson is painting the novel at the beautiful canvass. Alex cross is informed and ordered to come and join the duty so that the killer could be brought under law and the relief could be given to the stars of the Hollywood. A holly wood star and the popular figure of the film industry is shot down right outside of her house in Beverly Hills, an area known for the residence of the Hollywood Stars. After the short period of the murder of the film star, an email is sent to the editor of the Los Angeles Times. In this email, clear and solid details are given about the murder and the murderer. Alex cross after the careful analysis of the information collected from various sources concludes that the incident of the film star is not an isolated incident but is the continuation of the murders that were planned and executed earlier by a criminal named Mary Smith. Mary, mary is a kind of music as well as the indication of the killer. Form the very first information, it looks that this is only one of its kind and nothing is like it before. Alex has to face the most shocking and complicated killer who has his own psyche. Alex is wondering if this murder is the work of some fan of the actress or some other actor has done this heinous crime in jealousy and rivalry. The murder can be the game in more depth or in connection with some dangerous players. Nothing is sure. But one thing is sure that the people in list are terrified and frustration and depression is spreading among the stars that are registered in the list. Will Alex be able to trace the killer and stop him to go with more murders and killings? The readers have everything of interest to stick to this novel.

Mary – Mary – Alex Cross Book 11 by James Patterson

Mary, Mary – Alex Cross Book 11 by James Patterson: James Patterson has returned with another master piece. The novel Mary, Mary has a new addition in the already thrilled and suspense based novel. Full of suspense, thrill and unstoppable actions are the ingredients for the readers to come and enjoy the beauty of pen and the class of wisdom.…