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  • Birth—June 16, 1972
  • Where—Davis, California, USAb
  • Education—University of California, San Diego (no degree)
  • Currently—lives in Mountain View, California

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Andy Weir is an American writer and software engineer known worldwide for his debut novel The Martian, which was later turned into a film with the same name, directed by Ridley Scott in 2015. Artemis The story, which is his sequel novel, was published in the year 2017.

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Life in the early years

Weir was born in and raised in California as the sole child born to an accelerator scientist dad and an electrical engineer mother who separated when he was just eight. Weir was a child who read classic science fiction like Isaac Asimov and the work of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. At the ripe age of 15, he started work as a programmer at Sandia National Laboratories. He was a computer science student at the UC San Diego campus. UC San Diego, although it was not his final year of study. He worked as a programmer for various software companies such as AOL, Palm, MobileIron, and Blizzard and was involved in Warcraft 2.


Weir started writing in the 20s. He published his work through his site for several years. The first piece of work that received considerable interest has been “The Egg,” A short story that has been transformed into a variety of YouTube videos as well as a one-act play.

Weir is most well-known for his novel debut, The Martian. Weir wrote the novel to be as precise as possible. It included an extensive study of orbital mechanics, the conditions on Mars, the history of space exploration by humans, and botany. Although it was initially published as a no-cost online serial, a few readers asked him to put it through Kindle.

The book was initially sold for 99 cents. The novel made it into the Kindle bestsellers list. Weir was later met by an agent for literary work and offered the rights to the novel for an imprint run by Penguin Random House. The printed version (slightly altered compared to the first edition) of the book was released at number 12 on the New York Times bestseller list. A Wall Street Journal review described the novel as “the purest sci-fi book since the beginning of time.” In 2015, the novel was adapted into a film with Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain.

Weir is currently working on his second novel, which is initially named Zhek. The author describes the novel as “a more traditional sci-fi story featuring aliens, telepathy and faster-than-light travel, etc.”


He lives within Mountain View, California, in a furnished two-bedroom house. Unfortunately, as he is afflicted with a profound dislike of flying, he’s never going to the production location of the film The Martian at Budapest in Hungary. In this place, the majority of Mars scenes were made. However, with a bit of therapy and medication, he could travel to Houston to visit the Johnson Space Center and San Diego to attend Comic-Con.

Andy Weir, Anthologies, Bestsellers, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Fiction, Heists, Mysteries, Randomize, Science Fiction, Technothrillers, Teen and Young Adult

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