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Book Genres

Have you got a favorite genre of book, whether fictional or not? Are you thinking of moving into the new genre? If yes, a list of genres and book types will help you decide what you’ll be reading the next time. Look at which of the following subtypes are appealing to you.
Two Different Types of Books
Every book is classified as either nonfiction or fiction. You’ll discover many more genres or types between these two kinds of books.
Nonfiction Books
Nonfiction books provide factual information, like biographies and books on history.
Fiction Books
Fiction books tell an original story that the author created for the reader, like love stories and kids books. The fiction books are most widely read genre. Some of their ideas are based on real clues, but they’ve been rewritten, made up, invented, and utilized to create a novel.
List of Book Genres
The two kinds of books are divided into various subtypes, referred to as genres. Below are a few examples of diverse genres and types of books today.