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    Forensic Science – Fundamentals and Investigations

    The Wrap-around Teacher’s Edition contains teaching strategies and tips to engage students. It gives clarification of science content and forensic science proceeding, ideas to help stimulate students, evaluation opportunities, additional questions, and suggestions for further exploration and research. An Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM is out there to teachers who adopt a classroom set of Forensic Science: […] More

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology (

    Forensic psychology is a popular field. Its allure, in part fueled by sensationalized and glamorized media images, features psychologists tracking down serial killers, treating sexual psychopaths, and studying the criminal mind. Indeed, as a teacher, I see many of my students expressing considerable enthusiasm for careers as “profilers” engaged in the behavioral science pursuit of […] More

  • The POWER of Your Subconscious Mind

    The POWER of Your Subconscious Mind: Why is one man fearful and anxious and another filled with faith and confidence? Why do i man have a gorgeous , lux-urious home while another man lives out a meager existence during a slum? Why is one man an excellent success and another an ab-ject failure? Why is […] More

  • Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide

    To help you learn psychology on your own ways, Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide has the following unique features: All chapters begin with a 5-question true-or-false preview quiz; answers canbe found near the top of a given chapters. Immediately following the quiz there’s a brief list of chapter objectives. Following each section there are one or […] More

  • The Yamas & Niyamas- Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice ( )

    The Yamas & Niyamas may be thought of as guidelines, tenets, ethical disciplines, precepts, or restraints and observances.I typically consider them as jewels, as a result of they’re the rare gems of knowledge that offer direction to a well-lived and joyful life. In yogic philosophy, these jewels sit as the fi rst two limbs of the 8-fold path.*  e fi rst fi ve […] More

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    Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening (

    Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening: Resources for Instructors was first produced in 2003 in response to the many requests from those interested in the curriculum offered each year by the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture (see page vi) through the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS, the Center) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. […] More

  • Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke, herpes zoster, herbs de provence. herbs as medicine, herbs shop, herbs and rye

    Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke

    Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly: When this second edition is distributed, the first release of the Handbook of Medicinal Herbs will have been out over 15 years. The second version is intended to introduce the vast majority of the old data in addition to new data on the more imperative of those […] More

  • Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly, cognitive psychology definition, cognitive psychology theories.

    Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly

    Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly: It has been intended to serve understudies taking different courses in cognitive psychology, either as basic or recommended reading. There are various highlights of the structure of this content we expect will work well for both understudies finding out about psychological brain science and instructors showing the […] More