Sirat Ibn Hisham – Prophet Muhammd Biography – Biography Books

Sirat Ibn Hisham – Prophet Muhammd Biography – Biography Books: Throughout history, the world has never witnessed in ideal character like that of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This fact is maintained in the Glorious Quran, when Allah, Most High, says. Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is … Read more

Martin Luther King Jr Biography – Biography Books

Martin Luther King Jr Biography – Biography Books: Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. Dr. King grew up because the son of a number one minister in Atlanta, Georgia, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. His mother, Mrs. Alberta Williams King, assisted her husband in the care of his congregation. Because of their efforts … Read more

Mother Teresa Biography – Biography Books

Mother Teresa Biography – Biography Books: Writing about Mother Teresa can be both a frustrating and challenging exercise. On the surface, she appears almost one-dimensional, living a simple life devoted to her calling and her faith. Closer inspection, however, reveals a personality so rife with contradictions that it is difficult to explain her motives and purposes. What is … Read more

Karl Marx Biography – Biography Books

Karl Mark Biography – Biography Books: It may seem paradoxical that Marx , whom numerous working-class movements of our time claim as their Master and infallible guide to revolution, should have come from a cushty middle-class home. Yet to a remarkable extent he does himself epitomise his own doctrine that men are conditioned by their socio-economic circumstances. The … Read more

Che Guevara Biography – Biography Books

Che Guevara Biography – Biography Books: Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, commonly referred to as “Che Guevara,” “El Che,” is arguably one among the foremost famous revolutionaries in world history, certainly within the history of the last century or more. In January 2000, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, … Read more

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Book of Biographies – Biography Books: We concur with Ralph Waldo Emerson “that Biography is the only true History,” and are of the view that some of the biographies of the top men of a country would provide a more intriguing, in addition to accurate, history of the nation than any other which could be composed. The worth … Read more

Napoleon – A Biography ( )

Napoleon – A Biography: This book does not purport to be a definitive biography of Napoleon. Indeed I wonder if such a thing is possible, short of a multi-volume life along the lines of Martin Gilbert’s lifetime work on Churchill, and even then there must be doubts whether any one individual could fully master all the sources dealing … Read more

The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein (

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The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: The world of science is greatly fortunate that a theoretical physicist of the distinction of Abraham Pais should have discovered within himself not only a particular talent for scientific biography but also a passionate desire to convey to us his unique perspective on the momentous developments in 20th-century physics that … Read more

Inspiration to LIVE YOUR MAGIC! 75 Inspiring Biographies

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Inspiration to LIVE YOUR MAGIC! 75 Inspiring Biographies: First, I acknowledge the support of my wife Janet, who encouraged me to write a book, and accommodated and protected my need for solitude to read, think, and write. She also acted as a sounding board for all of my ideas, giving her honest opinion. I am grateful. Next, I … Read more

Born a Crime – Stories from a South African Childhood ( )

Born a Crime – Stories from a South African Childhood: The genius of apartheid was convincing people who were the overwhelming majority to turn on each other. Apart hate, is what it was. You separate people into groups and make them hate one another so you can run them all. At the time, black South Africans outnumbered white … Read more

Islam Faith Practice and History (

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Islam Faith Practice and History:  The book in your hands is a basic treatise on Islamic ideology, laws and morals just as the early history of the confidence in fifty lessons. These exercises were a piece of the Islamic Correspondence Course that I incorporated, composed and altered for the Islamic Education and Information Focus, Toronto, in the mid … Read more