What Is Nonfiction? – Definition & Examples

What Is Nonfiction, Definition, Examples

Are you searching about what is nonfiction? I am here to answer the question! An overview of how to define the Nonfiction type and let’s ignore the first obvious point: Nonfiction is the reverse of fiction. Nonfiction or authentic books are about actual events, people, and even places. Other works could be fiction or Nonfiction, for example, magazines, letters and … Read more

What is Fiction and Types of Fiction?

What is Fiction and Types of Fiction 1

Fiction can be used to describe an imaginative work. Prose can be a novel, a short story, or a novella. This was recently discovered. This definition now includes nonfiction works. Include imaginative elements such as Midnight in the Garden Of Good and Evil (John Berendt, Random House, 1994), and Dutch Edmund Morris (Random House 1999) and novels consisting essentially of … Read more