Pendergast Books By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: I am going to provide you an honest review of Bought-the-Farm Mystery Books.

Discover the complete list of Pendergast books in order and immerse yourself in this thriller series. Perfect for fans of thriller books, each installment brings fresh intrigue and charming rural settings.

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Publication Order of Pendergast Books

Relic1995Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Reliquary1997Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Cabinet of Curiosities2001Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Still Life with Crows2003Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Brimstone2004Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Dance of Death2005Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Book of the Dead2006Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Wheel of Darkness2007Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Cemetery Dance2009Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Fever Dream2010Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Cold Vengeance2011Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Extraction2012Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Two Graves2012Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
White Fire2013Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Blue Labyrinth2014Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Crimson Shore2015Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Obsidian Chamber2016Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
City of Endless Night2018Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Verses for the Dead2018Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Strange Case of Monsieur Bertin2019Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Crooked River2020Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Bloodless2021Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
The Cabinet of Dr. Leng2023Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
Angel of Vengeance2024Description – Buy at Amazon (Get Free)
List of Pendergast Books in Order


Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Books

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About Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Publishers Weekly states that Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston’s thrillers “stand head and shoulders above their competition.” Relic and The Cabinet of Curiosities by Preston and Child were adapted into a number-one box office success film after readers of National Public Radio selected them as among the top 100 thrillers ever written. In addition to co-writing the acclaimed Pendergast trilogy, they have recently published novels titled The Cabinet of Dr. Leng, Diablo Mesa, Blooperss, The Scorpion’s Tail, and Crooked River.Preston is the author of several novels as well as the critically acclaimed nonfiction work The Lost City of the Monkey God. Child, a resident of Florida and former book editor, is the author of eight novels, including the best-selling books Deep Storm and Chrysalis.


Organizing the Pendergast books in order allows you to fully enjoy Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’ charming, pet-centered tales. Dive into the series for a delightful blend of humor, heartwarming moments, and captivating mysteries.

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