I couldn’t put down The Shape of Night by Tess Gerritsen. The story captures you right from the start with Ava Collette’s escape to a coastal village in Maine.

The suspense builds as she rents an old house named Brodie’s Watch, only to find herself haunted by its ghostly past.

The eerie presence of Captain Jeremiah Brodie adds an intriguing twist. Ava’s interactions with the ghost blur the lines between reality and the supernatural, making you question what’s real. The psychological tension keeps you on edge, and the romantic element adds depth to the mystery.

The village’s dark secrets unravel slowly, and the stakes become higher. Each discovery pulls you deeper into the chilling narrative. Is there a killer among the villagers, or is the ghost responsible for the deaths of previous inhabitants? You’ll be guessing until the very end.

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The Shape of Night By Tess Gerritsen

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  • Ava Collette – A woman fleeing her past.
  • Captain Jeremiah Brodie – The long-dead sea captain haunting Brodie’s Watch.
  • Villagers – A mysterious community with hidden secrets.

Read Time

This is a fantastic weekend read. You’ll find The Shape of Night very refreshing if you like to recharge during the holidays.

This gripping novel is a quick read, perfect for a weekend escape. It’s around 350 pages but feels much shorter due to its fast-paced narrative.

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About Tess Gerritsen

Probably one of the most successful Stanford alumni, Tess Gerritsen, the internationally bestselling author, began her writing career circumstantially after getting her M. D. from UCSF. She has authored 32 suspense novels, with “The Shape of Night” being bought by Amazon Studios.


I highly recommend The Shape of Night to anyone who loves a mix of romance, suspense, and psychological thrills. The story’s strength lies in its atmospheric setting and the intricate play between the supernatural and real-world dangers. Grab this book and prepare for a night of thrilling reading!

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