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123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting

123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting: Child rearing is a standout amongst the most vital employment on the planet, and it can additionally be a standout amongst life’s most pleasant encounters. Little kids are connecting with, warm, engaging, inquisitive, loaded with life, and enjoyable to be around. For some, grown-ups, child-rearing gives significant and special benefits unequaled by some other everyday issue.

When you finish learning the 1-2-3 Magic program it is a good idea to start practicing it immediately. After learning 1-2-3 Magic, you will know exactly what to do.

However, being a mother or a father can likewise be amazingly disappointing. Rehash the Twinkie scene in excess of a thousand times and you have ensured wretchedness. In outrageous however very normal circumstances, that wretchedness can turn into the wellspring of enthusiastic and physical maltreatment. That is no chance to get for anybody—kid or grown-up—to live.


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Contents of 123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting:

Part I: Building a Solid Foundation for Parenting
Chapter 1: Orientation to the Parenting Profession
Chapter 2: Your Job as a Parent
Chapter 3: Challenging the Little Adult Assumption
Chapter 4: Avoiding the Two Biggest Discipline Mistakes
Part II: Controlling Obnoxious Behavior: Parenting Job 1
Chapter 5: Getting Results through Counting
Chapter 6: Advice for Nearly Any Counting Challenge
Chapter 7: Disciplining Your Child in Public Real-Life Story 1: The Case of the Temper Tantrum Terrorist
Chapter 8: How to Handle Sibling Rivalry, Tantrums, Pouting, and Lying
Real-Life Story 2: The Incredible Case of the Traveling Troublemakers
Chapter 9: Getting Started with Counting
Part III: Managing Testing and Manipulation
Chapter 10: Recognizing the Six Types of Testing and Manipulation
Chapter 11: Tales from the Trenches
Part IV: Encouraging Good Behavior: Parenting Job 2
Chapter 12: Establishing Positive Routines
Chapter 13: Getting Up and Out in the Morning
Chapter 14: Cleaning Up and Chores
Chapter 15: Surviving Suppertime
Chapter 16: Tackling the Homework Problem
Chapter 17: Going to Bed—and Staying There!
Real-Life Story 3: The Case of Bedlam at Bedtime
Chapter 18: Managing Your Expectations
Part V: Strengthening Your Relationships with Your Children: Parenting Job 3
Chapter 19: Sympathetic Listening
Real-Life Story 4: The Case of the Fickle Friends
Chapter 20: The Dangers of Over-Parenting
Chapter 21: Real Magic: One-on-One Fun
Chapter 22: Solving Problems Together
Part VI: Enjoying Your New Family Life
Chapter 23: Staying Consistent
Chapter 24: Your Happy, Healthy Family

The editors/writer of the book 123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting:


Information about 123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting Pdf eBook
Book Name: 123 Magic 3-Step Discipline for Calm Effective and Happy Parenting
Writer/Editor: THOMAS W. PHELAN, PhD
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 315
Size: 6.19 MB

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