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Book of Biographies – Biography Books: We concur with Ralph Waldo Emerson “that Biography is the only true History,” and are of the view that some of the biographies of the top men of a country would provide a more intriguing, in addition to accurate, history of the nation than any other which could be composed. The worth of this production as this can’t be too highly estimated.

With every succeeding year that the haze of Obscurity eliminates increasingly more from our perspective the rapid disappearing landmarks of yesteryear.


The writer of this book “Book of Biographies – Biography Books” is Biographical Publishers and Co.

The glorious accomplishments of the current age may not cover it by being lost in the warmth of larger things to come, and therefore it’s manifestly a responsibility to posterity for the guys of the current time to maintain a record of the lives along with a narrative of the progress out of low and modest beginnings to great and noble deeds, so that future generations can read the accounts of the struggles that are successful, and profit by their own example.

A neighborhood history affords the best way of preserving ancestral background, and in addition, it becomes, immediately upon its publication, a prepared publication of reference for people who have occasion to seek out biographical information of the top and early settled families.

Names, events and dates aren’t readily remembered by the normal person, therefore it behooves the generations alive, who want to dwell at the memory of the descendants, to compose their own documents, which makes them complete and wide in scope, and minute in detail, and assure their preservation by getting them placed in published form.

We firmly believe that at such collated personal memoirs will be seen as accurate and as loyal a listing of Bucks Count as might be had everywhere, for the very sufficient reason its development and growth have been identified together with that of those guys who’ve made her what she’s today the agent, leading guys, whose private sketches it’s been a joy for us to write and provide a location in this volume.

By the time once the hands of civilized man hadn’t violated the virgin soil using desecrating plough, nor with all the ever-ready frontiersman’s ax felled the noble, nearly infinite, forests, into the current phase of action from all branches of business, we might see from the histories of the county’s top men, and of the ancestors, the constant rise and development that has been happening for a century and a half, and bids fair to endure for decades to come.

A hundred years from today of biography books, whatever documents of this current time are. Then extant, having withstood the ravages of the ceaseless warfare of these components, will be seen with an intensive interest, equaling, or even exceeding, what is taken to-day from the background of the ancient settlements of America.


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