Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide: This book is intended to help you to prepare for your University of Cambridge International AS and A level chemistry examinations. It is a revision guide, which you can use alongside your usual textbook as you’re employed through your course, and also towards the end when you are revising for your examination.

The guide has four main sections:

  1. This Introduction contains a summary of the AS and A2 chemistry courses and how they are assessed, some advice on revision and advice on the question papers.
  2. The Content Guidance provides a summary of the facts and ideas that you simply need to know for the AS and A2 chemistry examinations.
  3. The Experimental Skills section explains the data-handling skills you will need to answer some of the questions in the written papers. It also explains the practical skills that you simply will need so as to try to to well within the practical examination.
  4. The Questions and Answers section contains practice examination papers for you to try. There is also a set of students’ answers for each question, with comments from an examiner.

There are a number of ways to use this book. We suggest you start by reading through this Introduction, which will give you some suggestions about how you can improve your knowledge and skills in chemistry and about some good ways of revising. It also gives you pointers into how to do well in the examination. The Content Guidance will be especially useful when you are revising, as will the Questions and Answers.

The author of this book “Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide” is David Bevan

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Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide: Table of Content

The content of the A-level syllabus is divided into 25 sections:
Topic 1 Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry
Topic 2 Atomic structure
Topic 3 Chemical bonding
Topic 4 States of matter
Topic 5 Chemical energetics
Topic 6 Electrochemistry
Topic 7 Equilibria
Topic 8 Reaction kinetics
Topic 9.1 The periodic table: chemical periodicity
Topic 9.2 Group II
Topic 9.3 Group IV
Topic 9.4 Group VII
Topic 9.5 An introduction to the chemistry of transition elements
Topic 9.6 Nitrogen and sulfur
Topic 10.1 Introductory organic chemistry
Topic 10.2 Hydrocarbons
Topic 10.3 Halogen derivatives
Topic 10.4 Hydroxy compounds
Topic 10.5 Carbonyl compounds
Topic 10.6 Carboxylic acids and derivatives
Topic 10.7 Nitrogen compounds
Topic 10.8 Polymerisation
Topic 11.1 The chemistry of life
Topic 11.2 Applications of analytical chemistry
Topic 11.3 Design and materials

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