Class 9 -10 Combined All Punjab Textbooks Free PDF

Class 9 -10 Combined All Punjab Textbooks Free PDF Downloads

Government of Punjab School Education Department provides Free textbook for class 9 – 10, once in an academic year. In this category, there are twenty one textbooks for class 9 – 10.

The Government of Punjab constituted a committee to make the curriculum for effective and more appropriate for our children. The committee prioritized the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in collaboration with the experts of Punjab Textbook Board and the working teachers. This was done keeping in view students’ level, teachers’ capacity, our environment, learning hours in an academic year.

1. English Grammar Class 9-10 Punjab Textbook

On the bases of prioritized SLOs, a textbook of English grammar and composition for Class 9-10 is developed by Punjab Textbook Board. This was reviewed by the panel of International Reviewers. They have made this book a standard one. The experts of PTB has also learned new dimensions of developing a textbook by working with them.

So this is an effort for our students and teachers according to the environment and circumstances of our society. Your suggestions are requested to improve it. Please give your suggestions in the comment box in the bottom.

2. Urdu Quiad e Inshah 9-10

3. Civics IX-X (UM)

4. Education IX-X (UM)

5. General Science IX-X (UM)

6. General Science IX-X (EM)

7. English Grammar and Composition 9-10

8. Islamiat Lazmi 9-10

9. Islamic History 9-10

10. Islamiat Ikhtiari 9-10

11. Punjabi 9-10

12. Art & Drawing (9-10)

13. Civil Drafting 9-10

14. Farsi Adab 9-10

15. Ikhlaqiat 9-10

16. Geometrical and Technical Drawing 9-10

17. Health & Physical Education 9-10

18. Itlaqi Baraqait 9-10

19. Mutalia Mahool 9-10

20. Zarai Padawar Work Book 9-10

21. Economics 9-10

22. Geography 9-10

Peace to all who follow guidance (20.47)

Information about Class 9-10 All Punjab Textbooks Free PDF Downloads eBook
Book Name: Math, Urdu, English, Grammar, Civics, Drawing, Islamiyat, Farsi, Punjabi
Writer/Editor: PCTB
Language: English, Urdu, Farsi, Punjabi
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: Yes
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 2310
Size: 21.10 MB

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