Clinical Psychology 8th Edition (

Welcome to the eighth edition of Clinical Psychology! Clinical Psychology strives to present an in-depth check out the sector of clinical psychology, document a lot of activities of clinical psychologists, and prominent the trends in the field that are likely to shape the field in the coming years.

This book emphasizes evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches, also because the influence of culture, gender, and diversity in these approaches. The first major change you will notice is that Mitch Prinstein, PhD. has joined the author team.

Mitch brings some great expertise and perspectives to the present edition. In addition to having a skilled in kid and adolescent psychopathology, Mitch is known for his accomplishments within the teaching of clinical psychology, in mentoring undergraduate students who seek careers in psychology, and in training the next generation of clinical psychologists. You will see his “fingerprints” throughout this edition.

As before, this edition of the text has been updated to reflect changes in the area of clinical psychology and new evidence evaluating main approaches to prevention, assessment, and treatment. Briefly, we would like to
highlight some of this edition’s major features.

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Clinical Psychology: Table of Content

PART I Foundations of Clinical Psychology 1

  1. Clinical Psychology: An Introduction 3
  2. Historical Overview of Clinical Psychology 32
  3. Current Issues in Clinical Psychology 59
  4. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology 93
  5. Diagnosis and Classification of Psychological Problems 128

PART II Clinical Assessment 159

  1. The Assessment Interview 161
  2. The Assessment of Intelligence 191
  3. Personality Assessment 218
  4. Behavioral Assessment 255
  5. Clinical Judgment 283

PART III Clinical Interventions 309

  1. Psychological Interventions 311
  2. Psychotherapy: The Psychodynamic Perspective 343
  3. Psychotherapy: Phenomenological and Humanistic-Existential Perspectives 370
  4. Psychotherapy: Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives 397
  5. Group Therapy, Family Therapy, and Couples Therapy 431

PART IV Specialties in Clinical Psychology 457

  1. Community Psychology 459
  2. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine 485
  3. Neuropsychology 513
  4. Forensic Psychology 539


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