Computer Forensics – Investigating Network Intrusions and Cyber Crime

Computer Forensics Series, preparing learners for C|HFI certification, is meant for those studying to become police investigators and other enforcement personnel, defense and military personnel, e-business security professionals, database administrators, legitimate professionals, banking, insurance professionals, government agencies, and IT managers. The content of this program is meant to show the learner to the method of detecting attacks and collecting evidence during a forensically sound manner with the intent to report crime and prevent future attacks.

Advanced techniques in computer investigation and analysis with significance in generating potential legal clue are included. In full, this series prepares the learner to identify evidence in computer-related crime and abuse cases also as track the intrusive hacker’s path through client system.

Books in Series

  1. Computer Forensics: Investigation Procedures and Response
  2. Computer Forensics: Investigating Hard Disks, File and Operating Systems
  3. Computer Forensics: Investigating Data and Image Files
  4. Computer Forensics: Investigating Network Intrusions and Cybercrime
  5. Computer Forensics: Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices

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Computer Forensics – Investigating Network Intrusions and Cyber Crime: Table of Content

  1. Network Forensics and Investigating Logs
  2. Investigating Network Traffic
  3. Investigating Web Attacks
  4. Router Forensics
  5. Investigating DoS Attacks
  6. Investigating Internet Crime
  7. Tracking E-Mails and Investigating E-Mail Crime
  8. Investigating Corporate Espionage
  9. Investigating Trademark and Copyright Infringement
  10. Investigating Sexual Harassment Incidents
  11. Investigating Child Pornography


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