Deep Kiss of Winter – Immortals After Dark Book :8

Deep Kiss of winter – Immortals After Dark Book 8: deep kiss of winter is the co publishing masterpiece of Gena Showalter and KRESLEY COLE. Both the writers are among the bestsellers in New York Time and USA today. The story covers the different aspects of human life including passions for love, burning feelings of heat and warmth of touch and wicked desire of dying for each other.

Deep Kiss of Winter satisfies the human sense of imagination, fantasy and popping emotions. The book narrates the story of a brutal vampire who has never tasted what love is and how delightful this passion is. Valkyrie is equally thirsty for a warm touch by someone who may take her soul away from the garish and glaring conditions where she is destined to live in.

Murdoch Wroth, the vampire soldier is determined to get the Ice Maiden. Deep kiss of winter whips his desire to get her at any cost. Though the immortals after dark, she is so attractive and charming that Murdoth is ready to lay down his life for getting Valkyrie.

Deep Kiss of Winter: Immortal After Dark Book 8

He had waited for three centuries for the moment like deep kiss of winter and the immortals after her was not ready to slip this opportunity. Danii is doomed by gods to remain in freezing condition so as no body could touch her.  Only the person who has the same kind can touch her and free her from this torturing situation. Inflicting pain, tormenting desire of mating and desperation for closeness forces the vampire soldier to do the dare.

 Murdoch and Danii  bith immortals, and both are after each other. do every possible attempt to come close to each other as fire was burning in their heats for each other. Together, they put invulnerable struggle to have the key which could allow them to slake the dominating desires of reunion and deep kiss of winter.

  The story of hunted and hunters in the shape of deep kiss of winter creates sensational feelings and one gets involved in the entire plot forgetting where is sitting. Sensual chemistry proves a devastating and deteriorating explosion.

Aleaha Love can be anybody – in a real sense. With just skin-to-skin contact, she can change her appearance, accept any personality. Her freshest personality switch has made her an AIR (outsider examination and expulsion) specialist and sends her set for catch a gathering of supernatural champions. Just she turns into the spirit and wants deep kiss of winter at all cost. Breean, a brilliant cleaned commandant known for his iron will who is without a moment’s delay hazardous and soul-flatteringly enchanting, compromises her new life. Since interestingly, Aleaha just needs to be kissed deeply.

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Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole are considered among the best sellers in the New York Times and USA Today. They have become the most popular writing figures because of the stunning and heart rendering series of Gods of War. They are worth reading author who would suck out your soul from your body when you start reading this series.

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