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How to Apply Makeup Professionally: Applying cosmetics has dependably been a unique little something each lady is is expected to know. The genuine truth is that such huge numbers of ladies have no clue how to put on cosmetics effectively and to really make an improvement to the manner in which they look.

In the event that you were one of the fortunate ones, at that point your mom most likely demonstrated to you a couple of things all over. Be that as it may, frankly, she likely likewise had no genuine preparing in this subject. A few of us needed to get a couple of cosmetics tips all over yet never truly had the chance to become familiar with the correct methods.


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Contents of How to Apply Makeup Professionally:

Chapter 1: Daily and Weekly Skin Care Routine
Daily Skin Care Routine
Weekly Skin Care Routine- Exfoliation
What is Exfoliation?
When to Exfoliate?
How to Exfoliate?
Weekly Skin Care Routine- Facial Mask Treatments
Why is Facial Mask Treatment Necessary?
How to Do a Facial Practical Video
Chapter 2: Skin Science and Analysis
The 5 Skin Types
Does Skin Type Differ Between Men and Women?
How to Test What Skin Type you Have
What is pH-Balance?
Chapter 3: Skin Care for Different Skin Types
Caring for Normal Skin
Caring for Dry Skin
Caring for Oily Skin
Caring for Combination Skin
Caring for Sensitive Skin
Chapter 4: History of Makeup
The Egyptians Show the Way
The Many Cosmetics used by Egyptians
How Makeup Evolved in other Parts of the World
In Modern Times
Chapter 5: The Color Wheel and Color Combinations
The Basics
Different Kinds of Colors
Using the Color Wheel
Eye Makeup Ideas
Choosing the Right Colors for your Skin Tone
Chapter 6: Makeup and Tools a Makeup Artist Need
Black Makeup Case
13 Piece Brush Set in the Black Brush Case
15 Color Eye Shadow Palette –Neutral, Smokey and Theatrical
10 Color Concealer Palette
6 Color Pressed Powder Palette
10 Color Lip Palette – Bright and Neutral
10 Color Blush Palette – Bright and Neutral
Complexion Primer
5 Color Natural Liquid Foundation
2 Cream Foundation Quads
HD Translucent Powder
XL Face and Body Bronzer – Radiant Glow
10 Lip Liner Pencils
5 Natural Lip Gloss
8 Eye Liner Pencils
5 Gel Eye Liners
Trio Brow Palette
4 Brow Pencils + Highlight Pencil
Disposable Mascara Wands (10/pkg)

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