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The Punjab School Education Department provides free Math Class 3 PDF Based on a Single National Curriculum at the beginning of each academic year. In class 3, there are five books, including Urdu Grade 3, English Grade 3, Mathematics Grade 3, General Knowledge Grade 3, and Islamiat Grade 3 based on a single nation curriculum (Punjab Textbook Board). Scroll down to get a Math Class 3 textbook free in pdf formats.

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It is widely known that education is a major element in building a nation. The same curriculum throughout the country is an ongoing goal of all sectors of society. The current government has set this as its primary goal. Creating the Single National Curriculum for Math class 3 marks the realization of One Nation’s vision.

Single National Curriculum Class 3 All Books

Here is the list of SNC class 3 PDF books. You can download and print them if these SNC class 3 books are not available in your area.

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Syllabus for Urdu Class 3 PDF Based on Single National Curriculum

The Punjab School Education Department provides the syllabus for Math Class 3 students based on Single Nation Curriculum. The syllabus for Math Class 3 is given below.

  1. Whole Number
  2. Number Operations
  3. Addition
  4. Subtraction
  5. Multiplication
  6. Division
  7. Fraction
  8. Measurements
  9. Mass
  10. Length
  11. Capacity
  12. Time
  13. Geometry
  14. Data Handling

Based on prioritized SLOs, The textbook for Math Class 3 is designed by the Punjab Textbook Board. A Panel of International Reviewers reviewed the Math Class 3 book. The team of experts from PTB has also discovered how to create a Math educational textbook for class 3 through working with PTB.

Download Math Class 3 PDF Based on Single National Curriculum

Here is the link to download the Math Class 3 SNC PDF book for free.


Developing a Math Class 3 textbook is an effort for our students and teachers according to the circumstances of our community. However, your valuable recommendations are requested to enhance it further. Please give your suggestions in the comment box at the bottom.

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