Mathematical Structures for Computer Science by Judith L. Gersting

Mathematical Structures for Computer Science 7th Edition: A course in discrete structures (discrete mathematics) played a crucial role in Curriculum 68, the very first ACM computer science Curriculum development Guide: This course introduces the scholar to those fundamental algebraic, logical, and combinatoric concepts from mathematics needed within the subsequent computer science courses and shows the applications of those concepts to varied areas through mobile computing, wireless networks, robotics, computer game , 3-D graphics, the web …) to the joint ACM/IEEE-CS computer science Curricula 2013, where—still—discrete structures are of fundamental importance.

The topics in discrete structures are within the areas of knowledge structures and algorithms but appears elsewhere in computer science also. For example, an ability to create and understand a proof—either a proper symbolic proof or a less formal databases, and cryptography.

This Seventh Edition was guided by Curricula 2013, and virtually all of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 topics for discrete structures are included. Covering all those topics can fill a one-semester course, but there’s certainly enough material during this edition to form for a really respectable two-semester course. However much we as instructors may even see the worth during this foundational course, it’s a difficult experience for several students, who often view it as a series
of unconnected topics with little or no application to the remainder of their chosen field of study.

Author of “Mathematical Structures for Computer Science 7th Edition” is Judith L. Gersting

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Mathematical Structures for Computer Science 7th Edition: Table of Content

  • Formal Logic 001
  • Proofs, Induction, and Number Theory 097
  • Recursion, Recurrence Relations, and Analysis of Algorithms 157
  • Sets, Combinatorics, and Probability 221
  • Relations, Functions, and Matrices 327
  • Graphs and Trees 475
  • Graph Algorithms 553
  • Boolean Algebra and Computer Logic 617
  • Modeling Arithmetic, Computation, and Languages 685
  • A Derivation Rules for Propositional and Predicate Logic 803
  • B Summation and Product Notation 805
  • C The Logarithm Function 809
  • Answers to Practice Problems 813
  • Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises 851
  • Answers to Self-Tests 949
  • Index 959


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