Nelson DeMille Books In Order: If you have read books written by Nelson DeMille, for sure, you are familiar with his Joe Ryker Series on hardcover, Kindle, paperbacks, and free audiobooks. The famous books of Nelson DeMille are listed in chronological order, along with the John Corey series, the John Sutter series, and the Paul Brenner books.

Nelson DeMille Books Genre

Nelson DeMille is a famous author who has written some of the most well-known and loved books in the world. His books have different kinds of stories and genres, from political thrillers to romantic comedies to crime fiction and everything in between.

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Publication Order of Nelson DeMille Books

Nelson DeMille is one of the most celebrated authors in history, and his books are known for their gripping plots and stirring stories. In this guide, we’ll walk you through each of DeMille’s famous novels so that you can understand the storyline and learn some of the author’s key themes.

The first book in DeMille’s series is The Sniper, which tells the story of a young man named John Reid who sets out to find his sister, who Indians kidnap. Along the way, Reid becomes involved with a group of brave settlers fighting to protect their land from the Indian invaders. The Searchers is an exciting adventure story that explores many important moral issues, including trust, courage, and determination.

Publication Order of Joe Ryker Books

The Sniper1974Get Free Audiobook
The Hammer of God1974Get Free Audiobook
The Agent of Death / The Death Squad1975Get Free Audiobook
The Smack Man1975Get Free Audiobook
Cannibal1975Get Free Audiobook
The Night of the Phoenix1975Get Free Audiobook

Publication Order of John Corey Books

Plum Island1997Get Free Audiobook
The Lion’s Game2000Get Free Audiobook
Night Fall2004Get Free Audiobook
Wild Fire2006Get Free Audiobook
The Lion2010Get Free Audiobook
The Panther2012Get Free Audiobook
The Book Case2012Get Free Audiobook
Radiant Angel / A Quiet End2015Get Free Audiobook
The Maze2022Get Free Audiobook

Publication Order of John Sutter Books

The Gold Coast1990Get Free Audiobook
The Gate House2008Get Free Audiobook

Publication Order of Paul Brenner Books

The General’s Daughter1992Get Free Audiobook
Up Country2002Get Free Audiobook

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Quest1975Get Free Audiobook
By the Rivers of Babylon1978Get Free Audiobook
Mayday(With: Thomas Block)1979Get Free Audiobook
Cathedral1981Get Free Audiobook
The Talbot Odyssey1984Get Free Audiobook
Word of Honor1985Get Free Audiobook
The Charm School1988Get Free Audiobook
Spencerville1994Get Free Audiobook
The Cuban Affair2017Get Free Audiobook

Nelson DeMille Series Reading Order!

There are three ways to read the Nelson DeMille book series. The first is the simplest one, you take the books like you want in any order. The second is to follow the Nelson DeMille publication order. The third is Nelson DeMille chronological order!

Should we read Nelson DeMille Books in Order?

According to my honest opinion, you need to read Nelson DeMille books in order, in spite of the fact that pretty much all books start and end with a different narrative. Reading the books out of sequence could end up being confusing at times. Most books in Nelson DeMille series reference the previous one and never have read these earlier stories initially, it may feel a bit awkward.

Whenever you speak with Nelson DeMille fans who love the books, you’ll notice that they are (like me) nearly reading the Nelson DeMille books in order. So do yourself a favour and begin the Nelson DeMille books in order, from the very first book, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4. Hope, you may not be disappointed!

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About Nelson DeMille

Action and Adventure, Bestsellers, Book Series, Book Series In Order, Books In Order, Crime Fiction and Mysteries, Nelson DeMille Books In Order, Thrillers

Nelson Richard DeMille was born in Queens, New York, to construction workers Huron DeMille and Antonia Panzera on August 23, 1943. He attended Elmont Memorial High School and enjoyed playing football and running track.

After high school, DeMille attended Hofstra University for three years. From 1966 to 1969, he served in the US Army and fought in Vietnam.

After finishing college, he returned to teaching history at Hofstra University. In 1963, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and participated in the Vietnam War. He was later awarded a Bronze Star for his service, one of seven other honors he received as an officer.

Few students can say they’ve had the privilege of being honored with two prestigious awards at their alma mater. But it became even more important when an undergraduate student got the chance to do this. DeMille wrote that this is what made him love writing so much and ultimately helped influence his decision to become a novelist.

After finishing his time at university, he had a few different jobs. They include being a carpenter, house painter, and insurance investigator. Eventually, he began writing books and became well-known for a series of fast-paced crime novels that soon transitioned into more complex thrillers.

D.W. DeMille married two women before his death, the first ending in divorce, then marrying for the second time at gala events that included a variety of celebrity guests.

DeMille has served on the Hofstra Board of Trustees and endowed a Hofstra scholarship for students majoring in English. He loves spending time with his family. Currently, he lives in Long Island with his third wife, Sandra Dillingham, and their son, James. His older son, Alexander, is a filmmaker and his daughter, Lauren, is a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology.

He was the president of the Mystery Writers of America and a member of the Authors Guild, PEN American Centre, Poets & Writers, and American MENSA.

Inside Nelson DeMille Books

Nelson DeMille is one of the world’s best-known and most respected authors. His books are known for their storylines, which often include characters who are strong and independent women. This makes his books ideal for educational purposes, as they can help young girls see that they can be successful in any field they choose. DeMille’s books can also provide valuable life lessons about the importance of hard work and determination.

Transformation of Nelson DeMille Books Into Movies

DeMille’s books have also been made into movies, with titles such as The General’s Daughter, The Lion’s Game, and Word of Honor all receiving Academy Award nominations.

Nelson DeMille is one of the most beloved authors in the world. His books have made him a household name in the literary world, and it is no surprise that many of his books have been adapted for the silver screen. His books have been translated into dozens of languages, and his stories have been adapted into movies, TV shows, and audiobooks.


Nelson DeMille is one of American history’s most renowned and well-known authors. His work spans many genres, but his novels are the best-known and most famous. In this article, we will look at each book in Nelson DeMille’s oeuvre, emphasizing the John Corey series, the John Sutter series, and the Paul Brenner books. If you have yet to read any of these books, now would be a great time to start!

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  • Should we read Nelson DeMille Books in Order?
  • About Nelson DeMille
  • Inside Nelson DeMille Books
  • Transformation of Nelson DeMille Books Into Movies

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