Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes

The goal of this book is to bring you up to hurry with Python as quickly as possible so you’ll build programs that work—games, data visualizations, and applications based on web, while making a base in programming that will gelp you well for the rest of your life. Python Crash Course is written for people of any age who haven’t programmed in Python before or have never programmed at all.

If you would like to find out the fundamentals of programming quickly so you’ll specialise in interesting projects, and you wish to check your understanding of latest concepts by solving meaningful problems, this book is for you.

Python crash program is additionally perfect for secondary school and high school teachers who want to supply their students a project-based introduction to programming.

This book wouldn’t are possible without the wonderful and extremely professional staff at No Starch Press. Bill Pollock invited me to write an introductory book, and that i deeply appreciate that original offer.

Riley Hoffman answered every question I had about the method of assembling an entire book and patiently turned my work into a gorgeous finished product. I’d wish to thank Kenneth Love, the technical reviewer for Python Crash Course.

I met Kenneth at PyCon one year, and his enthusiasm for the language and the Python community has been a continuing source of professional inspiration ever since. Kenneth went beyond simple fact-checking and reviewed the book with the goal of helping beginning programmers develop a solid understanding of the Python language and programming in general. That said, any inaccuracies that remain are completely my very own. I’d wish to thank my father for introducing me to programming at a young age and for not being afraid that I’d break his equipment. I’d like to thank my wife, Erin, for supporting and inspiring me through the writing of this book, and I’d wish to thank my son, Ever, whose curiosity inspires me every single day.

Writer of “Python Crash Course“ is Eric Matthes.

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