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Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

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Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover: “Ugly Love” is a novel written by Colleen Hoover, a New York Times bestselling author. The book tells the story of Tate Collins and Miles Archer, two people who are brought together by unexpected circumstances.

Tate is a nurse who moves to a new city to live with her brother and his best friend, Miles. Miles is a pilot who is known for his playboy lifestyle and his aversion to relationships. Despite their different personalities, Tate and Miles are drawn to each other, and they soon begin a forbidden affair.

Their relationship is complicated and messy, as Miles is unable to open up about his past and Tate is determined to uncover the truth. As they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, they both struggle with their own demons and try to figure out what they want in life.

The novel explores themes of love, trust, and forgiveness, and it delves into the complexities of relationships and the lengths people will go to protect their hearts. Through Tate and Miles’s journey, readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

“Ugly Love” is a poignant and powerful novel that showcases Colleen Hoover’s ability to write about complex relationships and the human experience. The book is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance and for anyone who is looking for a story that will stay with them long after they have finished reading.


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Genre of Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover is a contemporary romance novel. It explores the themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. In the story, the main character, Miles Archer, and the flight attendant, Tate Collins, have a complicated relationship.

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The book, Ugly Love is considered one of Colleen Hoover’s masterpieces.

How to get free Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover?

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What are the Ugly Love Characters?

The main characters in the book “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover are:

  1. Miles Archer
  2. Tate Collins
  3. Corbin
  4. Rachel
  5. Diane
  6. Isaac
  7. Dave
  8. Dr. Griffin
  9. Tripp.

Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover Read Time

Ugly Love” takes about 9 and a half hours to read, but if you have the audiobook, it can be listened to in about 6 and a half hours. The book is written by Colleen Hoover and is great. It is short and easy to understand.

To begin, is a fantastic weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “Ugly Love” very helpful.

Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover – Details

About Colleen Hoover

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Colleen Hoover is an American author born on December 11, 1979. She began her writing career as a self-published author and has become a New York Times bestselling author. Some of her most notable works include the novels “Slammed,” “Hopeless,” “Maybe Someday,” “It Ends with Us,” and “It Starts with Us” Her estimated net worth is around $10 million.

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  • Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover – Details
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In conclusion, “Ugly Love” is a must-read for anyone who is looking for a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking novel. Colleen Hoover’s writing is powerful, and she has a way of making readers feel as though they are right there with the characters, experiencing their joys and heartaches. If you are looking for a novel that will touch your heart and leave you thinking long after you have finished reading, then “Ugly Love” is the book for you.

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