What are Biography Books?

A biography book is a type of book that tells the life story of a person. These books can be divided into two categories: general biography books and autobiography books. General biography books tell the life story of someone who is not famous, while autobiography books are written by famous people who share their stories with the world.

Definition: Biography Books

A biographical book is a book that tells the life story of a person, typically one famous and/or historical. The term can also refer to any book about people or their lives, regardless of whether they are famous or not. These books can be written in any format, including narrative prose, poetry, or documentary style. Biography books may focus on one person’s life experiences and achievements, or they may explore the lives of several people who share some commonality.

In recent years, the definition of a biography book has shifted. Typically, these books are written about someone who is deceased and focus on their life story. However, there are now a growing number of biographical books written about living people.

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Biography Genre Book Examples

There are a variety of different types of biographies, but all share the common goal of describing a person’s life. Some books focus on one person’s entire life, while others cover specific periods or events. Regardless of the type, each biography is an important piece of history and can provide valuable insights into the subject’s life and work.

Some popular biography genres include political biography, literary biography, and sports biography. Political biographies often focus on key moments in a person’s career or life and may explore the factors that led to their success. Literary biographers might attempt to interpret a writer’s works in relation to their personal history, while sports biographers typically focus on individual athletes and their careers.

Whatever your interest in biography, there are sure to be many great examples out there to read. Biography is an informative and entertaining genre that can help us learn more about our ancestors and favorite authors alike.

Movies based on biography books are also popular, with viewers looking to learn more about how to live their lives successfully. Here are some more examples of biography books:

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Types of Biography Books

Biography books can be divided into two categories: general biography books and autobiography books. General biographies and autobiographies are traditional written formats that are used to tell the story of someone’s life. The differences between autobiographies and biographies are numerous. Continue reading to learn more about general biographical and autobiographical writing.

General Biographies

The story of an individual’s life is also told in a biography, which is a similar form of writing. General biographies are usually written as non-fiction recounts of famous people’s lives. They include details as well as personal stories. A general biography text may also discuss a historical event.


An autobiography is a non-fiction literary format that is a self-written account of a person’s life. The word ‘autobiography’ means self, life, and writing. Some significant figures and celebrities have written autobiographies, which we can find on book shelves. In any case, anyone can write an autobiography.

Most often, autobiographies are written by well-known individuals as a way to share their thoughts and experiences.

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Biography books are a great way to learn more about the people and events that have shaped our world. Whether you’re looking for information on historical figures or current celebrities, biography books provide an in-depth look at the lives of some of history’s most notable people.

Reading these books can also give you insight into famous historical moments, and help you better understand the world around you. If biographies are something that interests you, be sure to check out our selection of biography books and find one that will appeal to your reading tastes.


Biography books are a great way to learn about the lives of famous people. They can be used for school projects, for entertainment, or just to gain an understanding of history.

You can find biography books in many different genres, including history, science fiction, and romance. Which genre would you like to read about one of your favorite celebrities? Let us know in the comments below!

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