Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly

Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly: It has been intended to serve understudies taking different courses in cognitive psychology, either as basic or recommended reading. There are various highlights of the structure of this content we expect will work well for both understudies finding out about psychological brain science and instructors showing the subject.

Book structure

The sections in this book are sorted out in five sections. The initial four sections center around expansive and settled subject zones inside psychological brain research, for example, perceptual procedures and memory. The fifth thinks about a scope of difficulties, subjects what’s more, issues – points that have been thought to display difficulties to the intellectual approach, for example, feeling and cognizance; subjects, for example, intellectual demonstrating, what’s more, measured quality; and issues, for example, the connection of cognition to biology.

By Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly

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Contents of Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly:

Introduction 34
2: Attention Peter Naish 37
3: Perception Graham Pike and Graham Edgar 71
4: Recognition Graham Pike and Nicola Brace 113
Introduction 158
5: Concepts Nick Braisby 163
6: Language processing Gareth Gaskell 197
7: Language in action Simon Garrod and
Anthony J. Sanford 231
Introduction 266
8: Long-term memory: encoding to retrieval
Andrew Rutherford 269
9: Working memory Graham J. Hitch 307
Introduction 344
10: Problem-solving Alison J.K. Green and Ken Gilhooly 347
11: Judgement and decision making Peter Ayton 382
12: Reasoning Mike Oaksford 418
Introduction 458
13: Cognition and emotion Jenny Yiend and
Bundy Mackintosh 463
14: Autobiographical memory and the working self
Martin A. Conway and Emily A. Holmes 507
15: Consciousness Jackie Andrade 545
16: Cognitive modeling and cognitive architectures
Paul Mulholland and Stuart Watt 579
17: Theoretical issues in cognitive psychology
Tony Stone 617
Epilogue 655
Index 659

The editors/writer of the book Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly:

Course Chair: Nick Braisby
Course Manager: Ingrid Slack
Core Team Members: Sandy Aitkenhead; Nicola Brace; Angus Gellatly;
Alison J.K. Green; Martin Le Voi; Bundy Mackintosh; Peter Naish;
Graham Pike
Course Manager (rights): Ann Tolley
Course Secretaries: Marie Morris; Elaine Richardson

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Book Name: Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly
Writer/Editor: Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 710
Size: 17.72 MB

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