Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke

Cognitive Psychology by Nick Braisby and Angus Gellatly: When this second edition is distributed, the first release of the Handbook of Medicinal Herbs will have been out over 15 years. The second version is intended to introduce the vast majority of the old data in addition to new data on the more imperative of those unique 365 herbs.

I submitted the primary version under the first unpublished title, Herbs of Dubious Salubrity. I purposefully left out huge numbers of the totally protected culinary herbs, spices, and food plants are clearly medicinal.

I deliberately precluded some carefully unsafe herbs, for example, foxglove, that was excessively undesirable for use in untalented hands. I included a few clouds stimulating plants of questionable salubrity.

I did, or ought to have, dropped a portion of these in light of the fact that they have minimal restorative significance. A few ineffectively archived species, for example, Mimosa hostilis what’s more, Phoradendron leucarpum, for instance, were held with fragmentary passages, in order to at any rate notice species from the main release that may better have been dropped.

By James A. Duke

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Contents of Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke:

Catalog of Herbs (A to Z)
Reference Abbreviations
Illustration Credits
Scientific Name Index
Common Name Index

The editors/writer of the book Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by James A. Duke:

James A. Duke

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