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Tom Clancy delivers a #1 New York Times bestselling Jack Ryan novel that reminds readers why he’s the recognized master of worldwide intrigue and continuous military action.

It is The Campus. It was secretly established under the presidency of President Jack Ryan; its sole goal was to eliminate terrorists and those who help their interests. It is not officially recognized as having any relationship with the American government. This is essential when the power elites believe they are superior to such obscure notions as justice, loyalty, and morality.

Now, a covert intelligence expert Jack Ryan Jr. and his cohorts at The Campus, joined by black ops fighters John Clark and “Ding” Chavez–are facing their most formidable foe, the sadistic murderer known under Emir. A mastermind behind a myriad of devastating attacks in the past, the Emir has managed to escape arrest by all law enforcement agencies around the globe. The most devastation he has caused is yet to unfold in the coming attack on the heart of America.

Following the trail of Emir, Jack Ryan Jr. is bound to follow the footsteps of his father’s legend on a search that will lead him and his comrades across the globe, through the murky world of political gamesmanship, then back on U.S. soil in a race to stop the loss of the West.

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Dead or Alive

The book, Dead or Alive is considered one of Tom Clancy’s masterpieces.

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Dead or Alive Read Time

The Normal read time of “Dead or Alive” is just over 8 and a half hours, nevertheless, If you’ve got the hardcover book as I do, then it was easily read in about seven and a half hours. Overall Dead or Alive was amazing, short read time, and simple to understand.

Start with is a wonderful weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “Dead or Alive” very helpful.

Dead or Alive – Details

About Tom Clancy


After the publication of “The Hunt for Red October”, Tom Clancy established an undisputed status as the world’s top author of thrillers, with a collection of bestsellers that sold millions and three major Hollywood films to his credit. Tom Clancy is also the author of “SSN” as well as the non-fiction novels “Submarine, Armoured Warfare, Fighter Wing and Marine” and creator of “The Op-Centre” series. Op-Centre series.


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