Locked On – Jack Ryan Book 11 – Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan Jr. and the Campus’s secret students continue to carry on his father’s heritage of courage and honor in this thrilling thriller by number one New York Times bestselling author Tom Clancy.
Training is private for special forces. He’s working on his combat skills to carry on his work at the Campus, securing terrorists everywhere they can–even when Jack Ryan Sr. campaigns to become the President of the United States again.

However, what is not known by the father or son is that the political and personal are now equally dangerous.

A fierce adversary from Jack Sr. launches a privately-funded vendetta to defame him and link him to an infamous murder in John Clark’s history. All they need to do is find him.

With Clark being on the run, it’s the responsibility of Jack Jr. to stop the growing threat that is threatening the Middle East, where a corrupt Pakistani general has signed an unsavory pact with a militant terrorist who has gathered four nuclear warheads which they could use to pressure any global power to submit or be annihilated.

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Locked On

The book, Locked On is considered one of Tom Clancy’s masterpieces.

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Locked On Read Time

The Normal read time of “Locked On” is just over 8 and a half hours, nevertheless, If you’ve got the hardcover book as I do, then it was easily read in about seven and a half hours. Overall Locked On was amazing, short read time, and simple to understand.

Start with is a wonderful weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “Locked On” very helpful.

Locked On – Details

About Tom Clancy


After the publication of “The Hunt for Red October”, Tom Clancy established an undisputed status as the world’s top author of thrillers, with a collection of bestsellers that sold millions and three major Hollywood films to his credit. Tom Clancy is also the author of “SSN” as well as the non-fiction novels “Submarine, Armoured Warfare, Fighter Wing and Marine” and creator of “The Op-Centre” series. Op-Centre series.


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