Fundamentals of Thermodynamics – Sonntag Borgnakke

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 8th edition: The presentation is deliberately directed to students. New concepts and definitions are presented within the context where they are first relevant during a natural progression. The introduction has been reorganized with a very short introduction followed by the first thermodynamic properties to be defined (Chapter 1), which are those that can be readily measured: pressure, specific volume, and temperature. In Chapter 2, tables of thermodynamic properties are introduced, but only in regard to these measurable properties. Internal energy and enthalpy are introduced in connection with the energy equation and the first law, entropy with the second law, and therefore the Helmholtz and Gibbs functions within the chapter on thermodynamic relations.

Many real-world realistic examples are included within the Fundamentals of Thermodynamics to help the scholar in gaining an understanding of thermodynamics, and therefore the problems at the top of every chapter have been carefully sequenced to correlate with the topic matter, and are grouped and identified as such. The first half of book contains a lot of examples, illustrations, and problems, and throughout the book, in second half summaries are included, followed by a group of concept problems that ought to be of benefit to the scholars .

This is the primary edition I even have prepared without the thoughtful comments from my colleague and coauthor, the late Professor Richard E. Sonntag, who substantially contributed to earlier versions of this textbook.

I am grateful for the collaboration and fruitful discussions with my friend and trusted colleague,whom I have enjoyed the privilege of working with over the last three decades. Professor Sonntag consistently shared generously his vast knowledge and experience in conjunction with our mutual work on previous editions of this book and on various research projects, advising PhD students. In honor of my colleague’s many contributions, Professor Sonntag still appears as a coauthor of this edition.

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

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Fundamentals of Thermodynamics – 8th Edition: Table of Content

  1. Introduction and Preliminaries 1
  2. Properties of a Pure Substance 39
  3. First Law of Thermodynamics and Energy Equation 81
  4. Energy Analysis for a Control Volume 160
  5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics 216
  6. Entropy 258
  7. Second-Law Analysis for a Control Volume 315
  8. Exergy 362
  9. Power and Refrigeration Systems-with Phase Change 403
  10. Power and Refrigeration Systems-Gaseous Working Fluids 462
  11. Gas Mixtures 513
  12. Thermodynamic Relations 557
  13. Chemical Reactions 609
  14. Introduction to Phase and Chemical Equilibrium 670
  15. Compressible Flow 708


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