Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach 8th Edition

Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach – 8th Edition: Thermodynamics is an exciting and interesting subject that deals with energy, and thermodynamics has long been an important a part of engineering curricula everywhere the planet . It has a lot of application areas starting from microscopic organisms to common household appliances, vehicles, power systems, and even in philosophy.

This introductory book contains sufficient material for 2 sequential courses in thermodynamics. Students are assumed to have an adequate background in calculus and physics.

This book is meant to be used as a textbook by undergraduate engineering students in their sophomore or junior year, and as a reference book for practicing engineers. The objectives of this text are:

  • To cover the basic principles of thermodynamics.
  • To present a wealth of real-world engineering examples to offer students a pity how thermodynamics is applied in engineering practice.
  • To develop understanding of thermodynamics by the physics and physical arguments that underpin the idea .

It is our dream that this book, through its wonderful explanations of concepts and its use of various practical examples and figures, helps students develop the necessary skills to bridge the gap between knowledge and therefore the confidence to properly apply knowledge.

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Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach – 8th Edition: Table of Content

  1. Introduction And Basic Concepts 1
  2. Energy, Energy Transfer, And General Energy Analysis 51
  3. Properties Of Pure Substances 111
  4. Energy Analysis Of Closed Systems 163
  5. Mass And Energy Analysis Of Control Volumes 213
  6. The Second Law Of Thermodynamics 275
  7. Entropy 329
  8. Exergy 421
  9. Gas Power Cycles 485
  10. Vapor And Combined Power Cycles 553
  11. Refrigeration Cycles 607
  12. Thermodynamic Property Relations 655
  13. Gas Mixtures 687
  14. Gas–Vapor Mixtures And Air-Conditioning 725
  15. Chemical Reactions 759
  16. Chemical And Phase Equilibrium 805
  17. Compressible Flow 839
  18. Renewable Energy (Online)


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