Genius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier While Protecting Your Brain for Life

Genius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier: This book is a manual for achieving ideal mind work with the charming symptom of limiting dementia risk—all as per the most recent science.

Possibly you’re hoping to hit the reset catch on your mental spryness, to clear the store, in a manner of speaking. Maybe you’re wanting to build efficiency and increase a major advantage over your opposition. Perhaps you’re one of the a huge number of individuals around the world fighting cerebrum haze. Or on the other hand misery.

Or then again a failure to adapt to pressure. Maybe you have an adored one experiencing dementia or intellectual decrease and are afraid for them, or of surrendering to a similar destiny. No matter what drove you to get Genius Foods, you’re in the opportune spot.

This book is an endeavor to reveal the certainties and propose new bringing together standards to counter our aggregate present day discomfort.

By Max Lugavere

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Contents of Genius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier:

How to Use This Book
Part 1: You Are What You Eat
Chapter 1: The Invisible Problem
Genius Food #1: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Chapter 2: Fantastic Fats and Ominous Oils
Genius Food #2: Avocados
Chapter 3: Overfed, yet Starving
Genius Food #3: Blueberries
Chapter 4: Winter Is Coming (For Your Brain)
Genius Food #4: Dark Chocolate
Part 2: The Interconnectedness of It All (Your Brain
Chapter 5: Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain
Genius Food #5: Eggs
Chapter 6: Fueling Your Brain
Genius Food #6: Grass-Fed Beef
Chapter 7: Go with Your Gut
Genius Food #7: Dark Leafy Greens
Chapter 8: Your Brain’s Chemical Switchboard
Genius Food #8: Broccoli
Part 3: Putting Yourself in the Driver’s Seat
Chapter 9: Sacred Sleep (and the Hormonal Helpers)
Genius Food #9: Wild Salmon
Chapter 10: The Virtues of Stress (or, How to Become a
More Robust Organism)
Genius Food #10: Almonds
Chapter 11: The Genius Plan
Chapter 12: Recipes and Supplements
“Cheesy” Scrambled Eggs
Jamaican Me Smarter
Grass-Fed Picadillo
Pan-Seared Wild Alaskan Salmon with Turmeric,
Ginger, and Tahini-Miso
Banging Liver
Insanely Crispy Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Wings
Turmeric-Almond Chicken Fingers
Sautéed Greens
Better Brain Bowl
“Cheesy” Kale Salad
Brain-Boosting Raw Chocolate

The editors/writer of the book TGenius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier:

Max Lugavere

Information about Genius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier Pdf eBook
Book Name: Genius Foods – Become Smarter and Happier
Writer/Editor: Max Lugavere
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 561
Size: 2.35 MB

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