Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier

Golden Girl By Elin Hilderbrand: This is the place to go if you are looking for natural remedies for common conditions. The comprehensive guide contains over 550 healing herbs that promote health and wellbeing.

Inviting Mother Nature to your garden is a great idea! Find out how This definitive guide will help you grow, harvest, and create your treatments—a reference book on medicinal plants.

From ginger to lavender, This book contains everything you need to know about thyme and the little dandelion—an encyclopedia of herbs and plants, as well as their healing properties. Please find out more about the chemistry of plants and their ability to act as medicine. Create alternative treatments for almost 200 common health issues in the comfort of your own home

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Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier

Enjoy the best natural products. You can learn how to become your herbalist. These are the helpful instructions. It is easy to start your medicinal gardens with the best. Practice careful planning to create the perfect environment for planting. Know when is the best time for harvest.

The book’s well-thought-out format makes it easy to find information. Plant names and ailments. There are 550 essential herbs. Beautiful photographic plant index explaining their various uses. How to safely and effectively process the right parts of the Plants that promote holistic and healthy healing.

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Traditional Medicine Vs Modern Research

A treasure trove of information about the history of natural remedies. The many uses of plants. A vital index for herbalists of any level Expertise and support for beginners

  • Comprehensive photographic index of more than 550 herbs, plants.
  • A description of the active constituents of the plants and their therapeutic properties.
  • How to grow your herbs.

The book, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine is considered one of Andrew Chevallier‘s masterpieces.

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Book Read Time

The Normal read time of “Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine” is just over 10 and half hour, nevertheless If you’ve got the hardcover book as I do, then it was easily read in about ten and an half hour. Overall Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine book was amazing, short read time and simple to understand.

Start with is a wonderful weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine” book very helpful.

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Book Details

About Andrew Chevallier

Andrew Chevallier FNIMH MCPP is a seasoned medical herbalist. He is a healer and an author of books on botanical medicine. He is also a Fellow. Past-president of National Institute of Medical Herbalists and a a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy. He also assisted. To create the B.Sc (Hons), Herbal Medicine program at Middlesex University.


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