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How to Write a Better Thesis: Thesis writing can be challenging for students and supervisors, but one of the many rewards for both parties is to receive positive examiners’ reports.

I was there when Brian discovered that his PhD thesis required only a couple of minor amendments. He was plainly mitigated following quite a while of diligent work to find he had gone with little fuss, be that as it may, he shouldn’t have been excessively shocked.

Brian had composed a proposition that, from the begin, was very much roused and intentional; it was all around arranged in the field and familiar in the present discussions in the control; depended on sound standards for information accumulation; displayed results that clarified what he had accomplished; and finished up with his very own smart commitments to the field and perceptions on how others could seek after further research in the region.

By David Evans, Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel

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Contents of How to Write a Better Thesis:

  1. What Is a Thesis
  2. Thesis Structure
  3. Mechanics of Writing
  4. Making a Strong Start
  5. The Introductory Chapter
  6. Background Chapters
  7. Establishing Your Contribution
  8. Outcomes and Results
  9. The Discussion or Interpretation
  10. The Conclusion
  11. Before You Submit
  12. Beyond the Thesis

The editors/writer of the book How to Write a Better Thesis:

David Evans, Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel

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Language: ENGLISH
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Pages: 171
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