Understanding Third World Politics

Understanding Third World Politics: This second edition has been broadly overhauled so as to hone its center and mirror the present distractions in the investigation of Third World politics, especially the potential for sustainable democracy.

The parts on military mediation, organization and ideological groups have been reexamined to empower the suggestions which these organizations have for procedures of democratization to be investigated. The old section on political soundness has been separated into two with the goal that legitimate consideration can be paid to speculations of popularity based change and solidification.

The Conclusion contains a talk on whether democracy or authoritarianism is ideal for a poor nation attempting to grow financially and socially.

By B. C. Smith

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Contents of Understanding Third World Politics:

List of Tables and Figures vi
Preface vii
1 The Idea of a ‘Third World’ 1
2 Theories of Imperialism and Colonialism 22
3 Modernization and Political Development 44
4 Neo-colonialism and Dependency 75
5 The State in the Third World 108
6 Political Parties and Party Systems 135
7 Bureaucracy and Political Power 156
8 Military Intervention in Politics 173
9 Nationalism and Secession 194
10 Instability and Revolution 219
11 Democratization in the Third World 250
12 Conclusion: Democracy and Development 275
Bibliography 283
Index 310

The editors/writer of the book Understanding Third World Politics:

B. C. Smith


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