I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen: My honest thoughts on the book’s plot, characters, and overall impact.

NOW A TNT DRAMA SERIES Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Series NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles—crime-solving partners with strikingly different personalities—return in this uplifting and suspenseful entry in Edgar® nominated author Tess Gerritsen’s New York Times bestselling thrillers.

“This is high stakes storytelling that refuses to dumb down. ”—Kate Reading.

The police murdered two women, and the autopsy shows that both of them died from an unknown cause from similar injuries to the chest. The show portrays these complicated scenarios at a time when female protagonist Jane is coping with her mother’s deteriorating marriage as well as Maura, who struggles with her infamous serial killer mother who is on the death line.

The murder’s investigations get some leads from the unknown that his dying mother Maura offers him as a way of playing with her daughter, who he refuses to accept as his own. This paper focuses on the kinds of evil that Maura and Jane uncovered when they stumbled on a woman who had been abused, a horror movie with real-life stories of abuse, and the lives of martyrs who suffered painful death.

The season draws to a close, and as they get closer to the predator, Melanie is forced to confront her past, and new secrets come to light that will put the group in danger. The story is interwoven with the drama of one’s own suffering, letting the characters face their misery and recover from sad experiences.

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  • Jane Rizzoli: Boston PD detective juggling a challenging case and her mother’s troubled marriage.
  • Maura Isles: Medical examiner dealing with her dying serial killer mother and a baffling investigation.
  • Amalthea Lank: Maura’s manipulative mother, an infamous serial killer.
  • Various victims and suspects are tied to the bizarre murders and past scandals.

Read Time

This is a fantastic weekend read. I Know a Secret is refreshing if you like to recharge during the holidays.

It is advised that readers would take approximately 6-8 hours to get through the vivid, tense, and emotionally driven chapters present in I Know a Secret, written by Tess Gerritsen.

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About Tess Gerritsen

Probably one of the most successful Stanford alumni, Tess Gerritsen, the internationally bestselling author, began her writing career circumstantially after getting her M. D. from UCSF. She has authored 32 suspense novels, with “I Know a Secret” being bought by Amazon Studios.


Indeed, Tess Gerrition, in her novel I Know a Secret, offers readers a passionate story of a woman detective and a stirring mystery adroitly combined with a powerful drama. This book may have multiple characters, the plot that constantly surprises, and hidden feelings in it all add up to the perverting experience, which can’t be ignored while providing the readers with an interesting and thought-provoking storyline that entices the reader until the last line.

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