I just came across the novel entitled In Their Footsteps by Tess Gerritsen and am writing to you with some comments. Thus, the heroine of the story is Beryl Tavistock, and she is a woman who has become a murderess trying to escape the shameful aftermath of her parent’s death.

When Beryl begins to look for the truth about her family history, she learns that sometimes there are some things better left unsaid.

As Beryl delves deeper into the mystery, she finds herself pulled into a dangerous world of espionage. Former CIA agent Richard Wolf becomes her only hope for navigating this treacherous terrain. Together, they uncover a web of deceit where trust is a rare commodity and the line between friends and enemies blurs.

Beryl and Richard’s journey is a gripping one, filled with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. The stakes are high as they uncover the truth, and I couldn’t put the book down until the very end.

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In Their Footsteps By Tess Gerritsen

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  • Beryl Tavistock: Protagonist seeking answers about her parents’ deaths.
  • Richard Wolf: Former CIA agent who aids Beryl in her quest.
  • Beryl’s Parents: Their mysterious deaths spark the investigation.
  • Various Espionage Agents: Individuals involved in the dangerous world Beryl and Richard navigate.

Read Time

This is a fantastic weekend read. You’ll find In Their Footsteps very refreshing if you like to recharge during the holidays.

I spent around 6-8 hours thoroughly engaged in In Their Footsteps. The suspense and fast-paced narrative made it a quick read.

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About Tess Gerritsen

Probably one of the most successful Stanford alumni, Tess Gerritsen, the internationally bestselling author, began her writing career circumstantially after getting her M. D. from UCSF. She has authored 32 suspense novels, with “In Their Footsteps” being bought by Amazon Studios.


In Their Footsteps by Tess Gerritsen is a captivating read, especially for fans of suspense and espionage. The story’s intricate plot and strong characters kept me hooked from start to finish, making it a highly recommended read for those who enjoy a thrilling mystery.

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