John Grisham Books In Order: If you have read books written by John Grisham, for sure, you are familiar with his Jake Brigance Series on hardcover, kindle, paperbacks and free audiobooks.

John Grisham famous books in order are along with Jake Brigance Series, Theodore Boone Series, Camino Island Series, Rogue Lawyer Series and The Whistler books in order.

John Grisham Books Genre

If you’re a fan of John Grisham books, then you know that there are certain in order to read his novels. Here’s a rundown on the order of his books, based on what is believed to be their chronological order!

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How to Get John Grisham Books FREE?

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To read the books in the order they have been published, follow the listing below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Publication Order of John Grisham Books

Publication Order of Jake Brigance Books
A Time to Kill1989Free Audiobook
Sycamore Row2013Free Audiobook
A Time for Mercy2020Free Audiobook
Homecoming: Novella2022Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Theodore Boone Books
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer2010Free Audiobook
The Abduction2010Free Audiobook
The Accused2012Free Audiobook
The Activist2013Free Audiobook
The Fugitive2015Free Audiobook
The Scandal2016Free Audiobook
The Accomplice2019Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Camino Island Books
Camino Island2017Free Audiobook
Camino Winds2020Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Rogue Lawyer Books
Rogue Lawyer2015Free Audiobook
Partners2016Free Audiobook
Publication Order of The Whistler Books
Witness to a Trial2016Free Audiobook
The Whistler2016Free Audiobook
The Judge’s List2021Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Standalone Novels
The Firm1991Free Audiobook
The Pelican Brief1992Free Audiobook
The Client1993Free Audiobook
The Chamber1994Free Audiobook
The Rainmaker1995Free Audiobook
The Runaway Jury1996Free Audiobook
The Partner1997Free Audiobook
The Street Lawyer1998Free Audiobook
The Testament1999Free Audiobook
The Brethren2000Free Audiobook
A Painted House2001Free Audiobook
Skipping Christmas2001Free Audiobook
The Summons2002Free Audiobook
The King of Torts2003Free Audiobook
Bleachers2003Free Audiobook
The Last Juror2004Free Audiobook
The Broker2005Free Audiobook
Playing for Pizza2007Free Audiobook
The Appeal2008Free Audiobook
The Associate2009Free Audiobook
The Confession2010Free Audiobook
The Litigators2011Free Audiobook
Calico Joe2012Free Audiobook
The Racketeer2012Free Audiobook
Gray Mountain2014Free Audiobook
The Rooster Bar2017Free Audiobook
The Reckoning2018Free Audiobook
The Guardians2019Free Audiobook
Sooley2021Free Audiobook
The Boys from Biloxi2022Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas
Casino2011Free Audiobook
Fish Files2011Free Audiobook
Quiet Haven2011Free Audiobook
The Tumor2015Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Short Story Collections
Ford County2008Free Audiobook
Sparring Partners2022Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books
Murder and Injustice in a Small Town2006Free Audiobook
Publication Order of Anthologies
Delta Blues2009Free Audiobook
Fourteen Days: An Unauthorized Gathering2023Free Audiobook

John Grisham Series Reading Order!

There are three ways to read the John Grisham book series. The first is the simplest one, you take the books like you want in any order. The second is to follow the John Grisham publication order. The third is John Grisham in chronological order!

Should we read John Grisham Books in Order?

According to my honest opinion, you need to read John Grisham books in order, in spite of the fact that pretty much all books start and end with a different narrative. Reading the books out of sequence could end up being confusing at times. Most books in John Grisham series reference the previous one and never have read these earlier stories initially, it may feel a bit awkward.

Whenever you speak with John Grisham fans who love the books, you’ll notice that they are (like me) nearly reading the John Grisham books in order. So do yourself a favour and begin the John Grisham books in order, from the very first book, A Time to Kill, Sycamore Row, A Time for Mercy, Homecoming: Novella, and Kid Lawyer. Hope, you may not be disappointed!

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About John Grisham

Bestsellers, Book Series, Book Series In Order, Books In Order, Crime Fiction and Mysteries, Humor, John Grisham Books In Order, Legal Thrillers, Literary Fiction, nonfiction, Teen and Young Adult, Thrillers

It is the American south that has always been an area of fascination for historians because it was where slavery was once a thriving industry and racial discrimination was in droves. Though the region has seen plenty of turmoil, some positive developments have come from it, such as the fact that the area of Jonesboro, Arkansas where John Grisham was born. Grisham was born in February 1955 at a time when cotton was still an important product of the south. His father was an agriculturalist at the time.

But, the family started moving around to various regions, despite being located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, while Grisham was still a young man. They settled back in Southaven, Mississippi and that is where John Grisham became determined to become a professional baseball player his chosen profession. But his mother was not so sure about her son and began to prepare the young man for college, even though she was not a student and had never received any formal education.

Her efforts were successful and John Grisham successfully attended and graduated from Mississippi State University and later law school and graduated from Ole Miss. While growing up, he had the desire to be an MLB player, choosing an attorney’s career was not an easy task to do for John Grisham. He moved three times between majors in college and changed jobs many times throughout his young adult and teenage times.

As a lawyer Grisham also changed his profession to his profession, changing from a tax lawyer to a trial lawyer. He also expressed a dislike for the heavy “complexity and lunacy” tax lawyers are often faced with. His time as a trial lawyer was not destined to last for long also. After graduating at the end of 1983 from law school, Grisham got elected into the home state’s House of Representatives that same year. He was a member of as a member of the Democratic Party until 1990. The law firm he practiced for more than a decade.

In the courtroom in 1984, Grisham came across a little girl who had a fascinating tale to share about a trial that she was a part of. The stories she told him about her life enthralled him to the point that he started writing his first novel based on the story. The novel was published in 1989 and was titled Time to Kill. As a brand new novelist, Grisham had difficulty finding the right publisher for his debut book. He eventually found one who would allow him to print five thousand copies.

The next day, after his debut novel was published, Grisham went straight back to work on his next novel not waiting to see whether he was a success. The confidence he had was well-founded since his novel’s sequel, The Firm, stayed on the Best Seller List for New York Times for a staggering 47 weeks after it was released and was the most popular novel of 1991. It was during this time that Grisham decided to quit the legal profession and become a full-time writer.

In the course of his career as a writer, John Grisham has seen numerous successes, beginning with his first novel and continuing through every novel. He is the writer behind several well-known novels, including The Pelican Brief, as also The Rainmaker, The Racketeer, and A Painted House, among many others works.

In recognition of his outstanding writing, Grisham has been awarded many awards, such as his Distinguished Author Award named after Peggy V. Helmerich and the Galaxy British Book lifetime achievement award as well as the legal fiction award from Harper Lee as well as the USC Scripter award. But Grisham’s writing isn’t just focused on writing books for the adult market. He also wrote several legal thrillers that are targeted toward young children and preteens.

Inside John Grisham Books

Two of the novels Grisham is most famous for are the first two novels he published; The Firm and Time to Kill. The Firm, published in 1991 has sold more than 7 million copies. The Firm is the second novel He wrote. It is the riveting story of an untold young man named Mitchell V. McDeere who is fresh out of law school and opts to join the Memphis law firm. He is enticed by their offer of a good income, a new BMW, and a nice home with a low-interest mortgage.

Shortly after he arrives at the firm, two of his colleagues from the firm pass away in an accident that is not clear. At their funeral, Mitch learns that others were employed in the company and then mysteriously passed away. This information makes him extremely concerned. The suspicion is confirmed when he’s called by the FBI and asks for help in obtaining evidence against the people who work at the law firm, which reveals that they’re involved in organized criminal activity.

The novel that Grisham first published, Time to Kill was the novel that was inspired by his chance encounter with a young girl while he was in the courtroom one day. The novel is about a ten-year-old girl living in the south who is African American and gets raped by two white racists. The father of the girl learns about the incident with his daughter and discovers that the same incident occurred in the past.

To protect others from harm He kills two white men and is later detained. Jake then calls Jake to assist however the situation becomes more complicated because the KKK looking to retaliate for the deaths of the two men. The KKK started riots outside of the courtroom, murdered Jake’s frail husband’s assistant, wired Jake’s vehicle using a bomb, and finally burn his house down.

Transformation of John Grisham Books Into Movies

Grisham has enjoyed a great deal of success on his silver-screen debut. More than eight books he’s written have been made into films, and they have been successful in the theater. It includes The Firm, which became an independent film in 1993 and later turned into a television show.

The film starred Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Holly Hunter, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Time to Kill hit the box office in 1996, and featured Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, Ashley Judd, and numerous other actors. Other works written by Grisham that have been made into films include The Client in 1994, The Chamber in 1996, The Rainmaker in 1997, Mickey in 2004, and many more.


I’m sure you are all familiar with the popular author John Grisham. If not, I highly recommend that you read one of his novels soon! In this article, I have listed the books in order from most popular to least popular. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of one of Mr. Grisham’s books and start reading!

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  • About John Grisham
  • Inside John Grisham Books
  • Transformation of John Grisham Books Into Movies

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