CJ Box Books In Order: If you have read books written by CJ Box, for sure, you are familiar with his Joe Pickett Series on hardcover, kindle, paperbacks and free audiobooks. CJ Box famous books in order are along with Joe Pickett series, The Hoyt – Dewell series and Lee Coburn books in order.

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Publication Order of CJ Box Books

Publication Order of Joe Pickett Books

Open Season2001Free Audiobook
Savage Run2002Free Audiobook
Winterkill2003Free Audiobook
Trophy Hunt2004Free Audiobook
Out of Range2005Free Audiobook
In Plain Sight2006Free Audiobook
Free Fire2007Free Audiobook
Blood Trail2008Free Audiobook
Below Zero2009Free Audiobook
Nowhere to Run2010Free Audiobook
Cold Wind2011Free Audiobook
Force of Nature2012Free Audiobook
Breaking Point2013Free Audiobook
Stone Cold2014Free Audiobook
Endangered2015Free Audiobook
Off the Grid2016Free Audiobook
Vicious Circle2017Free Audiobook
The Disappeared2018Free Audiobook
Wolf Pack2019Free Audiobook
Long Range2020Free Audiobook
Dark Sky2021Free Audiobook
Shadows Reel2022Free Audiobook
Storm Watch2023Free Audiobook

Publication Order of The Hoyt – Dewell Books

Back of Beyond2011Free Audiobook
The Highway2013Free Audiobook
Badlands2015Free Audiobook
Paradise Valley2017Free Audiobook
The Bitterroots2019Free Audiobook
Treasure State2022Free Audiobook

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Blue Heaven2007Free Audiobook
Three Weeks to Say Goodbye2008Free Audiobook
Pronghorns of the Third Reich2012Free Audiobook

Publication Order of Lee Coburn Books

Lethal (Sandra Brown)2011Free Audiobook
Honor & (Sandra Brown)2017Free Audiobook

Publication Order of Anthologies

Hook, Line & Sinister2010Free Audiobook
Inherit the Dead2013Free Audiobook
The Highway Kind2016Free Audiobook
The Best American Mystery Stories 20172017Free Audiobook
Gather at the River2019Free Audiobook
The Best American Mystery Stories 20202020Free Audiobook
Birds of Prey: The Harlan Coben Challenge2022Free Audiobook

CJ Box Series Reading Order!

There are three ways to read the CJ Box book series. The first is the simplest one, you take the books like you want in any order. The second is to follow the CJ Box publication order. The third is CJ Box chronological order!

Should we read CJ Box Books in Order?

According to my honest opinion, you need to read CJ Box books in order, in spite of the fact that pretty much all books start and end with a different narrative. Reading the books out of sequence could end up being confusing at times. Most books in CJ Box series reference the previous one and never have read these earlier stories initially, it may feel a bit awkward.

Whenever you speak with CJ Box fans who love the books, you’ll notice that they are (like me) nearly reading the CJ Box books in order. So do yourself a favour and begin the CJ Box books in order, from the very first book, Open Season, Savage Run, Winterkill and Trophy Hunt. Hope, you may not be disappointed!

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About CJ Box

Bestsellers, Book Series, Book Series In Order, Books In Order, CJ Box Books In Order, Crime Fiction and Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, Police Procedurals, Thrillers

C. J. Box creates novels and short stories, including the collection of short stories Shots Fired and the Joe Pickett series. Blue Heaven, his debut novel that stands on its own, Blue Heaven, won an Edgar Award for Best Novel of 2008. He also won an Anthony Award, French Prix Calibre 38, Macavity Award, Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award.

He also co-owns an international travel marketing company with his wife. He won the “BIG WYO” Award from the Wyoming tourism industry. His titles frequently make the top list of best sellers, including Paradise Valley in 2017.

Personal Life

Box is a native of and was raised in Casper and was the eldest among his siblings. Box is part of a family of Wyomites from the third generation. After being exposed to the world of letters from an early age and with his father as the principal of an elementary school and his mother working in the Wyoming School for the Deaf, Box developed an interest in reading despite his family’s lack of bookshelf or books of any kind. The desire to write led him to the school’s newspaper, where Box became the editor.

The newspaper’s presence was the reason for the school’s paper receiving national prizes. After completing his high school education He attended The University of Denver where he was also a part of the university newspaper. In addition to the writing aspect, Box was a ranch hand and fishing guide as well as a surveyor. After completing his formal schooling, he searched for agents to assist him with his literary career. Many of them ended in disappointing outcomes.

He worked for a couple of years as an in-depth reporter for a small-town newspaper in addition to sports editor of Saratoga Sun. Saratoga Sun. The couple began an enterprise for tourism, named Rocky Mountain International, which was a huge success as a result of their creative ideas for marketing their Rocky Mountain area. He is a writer on a 4-acre piece of land located in Riverside located 20 miles away from Saratoga. The love of wildlife and the natural world is captured beautifully by the Joe Pickett character, going through adventures in the Mountain West, Yellow Stone, Big Horn Mountains, and many other locales.

Despite his passion for nature’s threats in the face of the fragility and dangers of human relationships, He says that he “want(s) to write about real people and different points of view.” His writing emphasizes the importance of doing research and the authenticity of his characters as well as the circumstances they are in.

However, despite the action-packed style of his novels his work is highly praised for his unique and well-developed female characters as well as his unorthodox portrayal of Western male characters. A lot of his male characters are brimming with conflict and emotional issues and many of them have to confront them.

Professional Career

In 2001, he released Open Season under G. P. Putnam’s Sons, instantly capturing the attention of both readers and critics alike. The novel won him three awards, including the Anthony Award, the Gumshoe Award as well as the Macavity Award, and the Barry Award for the Best Debut Novel of the year, and was also nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. The novel was also named a New York Times Notable Book.

After the popularity of the initial novel Box determined to carry on the story of the book as a series and dedicate his entire life to writing. Box then followed Open Season with Savage Run which was released in 2002 and continued with Winterkill (2003), Trophy Hun (2004), Out of Range (2005), In Plain Sight (2006), and Free Fire (2007) 2008 was a significant year for Box’s life as well as his career. Box’s, along with his wife’s, tourism marketing company was expanding. The box was later given an award called the “BIG WYO” Award from the state tourism industry. Blood Trail was published, revitalizing Joe Pickett’s Joe Pickett series by enlarging the cast of characters as well as making a lot of earlier storylines and characters.

In the end, the novel was selected for the IMPAC Dublin (Ireland) Literary Award. Following the time that Blood Trail was released, Box was inspired to write a second novel that was not tied in any way to the Joe Pickett series. The concept led to Blue Heaven, a thriller-drama that follows a 12-year-old girl who witnesses an execution-style killing. Blue Heaven revealed Box’s skill and flexibility as a writer, engaging in new subjects with a unique style and experimenting with mystery fiction, a genre that Box wasn’t well-known for before.

The novel was then honored with the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Mystery Novel of 2008. In the next year, he published another novel in Joe Pickett, titled Below Zero. Joe Pickett series, Below Zero. Then, he released a stand-alone novel Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, one of his novels that starkly contrasts with his other work. This is the Joe Pickett series that continues with Below Zero, which was released on the 29th of September in 2009 along with Nowhere to Run (2010) as well as Cold Wind (2011).

In 2011, he published Back of Beyond, another independent work published under the title St. Martin’s Minotaur. Box came out with Force of Nature (2012) which was focused on the character Nate Romanowski, and Breaking Point (2013) as the latest novel in the series. Box has also released his latest standalone novel The Highway, another novel that is an exploration of the work by Box that features the author working with suspense-thriller components. The work was received with praise from readers as it brings a fresh dimension to Box’s style of writing.

Despite this little hint of experimentation Box remains his undisputed depiction of Western life in The Highway. He also wrote three short story collections, Dull Knife (2005) (“A Joe Pickett Story,” Master Falconer (2006), and the Sauvage Noble (2007), each of which is a limited edition.

Box recently announced on his website that he would release a Joe Pickett book on March 2014, to be named Stone Cold. A collection of his short stories that he has published will be released on July 14, 2014, and will be called Shots Fired. Blue Heaven is now being considered for a feature by the makers of About Schmidt, a 2002 New Line Cinema comedy. The project has received funding. as well as actor Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson, as well as Alec Baldwin, have already been approached to be part of the film.


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