Louise Penny Books In Order: If you have read books written by Louise Penny, for sure, you are familiar with his Inspector Gamache Series on Hardcover, Kindle, Paperbacks, and free Audiobooks.

In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating world of Louise Penny’s books and explore the chronological order in which they should be read.

Whether you’re a fan of mystery novels or simply seeking an engaging literary experience, Louise Penny’s books are sure to keep you enthralled from start to finish.

Louise Penny Books Genre

Louise Penny is renowned for her mastery of the mystery genre. Her books are filled with intricate plots, compelling characters, and a perfect blend of suspense and emotion. Each page turner will leave you guessing until the very end, making her novels a must-read for mystery enthusiasts.

Louise Penny Books In Order

How to Get Louise Penny Books FREE?

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To read the books in the order they have been published, follow the listing below. I earn as an Amazon Associate from qualifying purchases.

Publication Order of Louise Penny Books

Louise Penny’s books are best enjoyed in the order of their publication. The series begins with “Still Life,” followed by “A Fatal Grace,” “The Cruelest Month,” “A Rule Against Murder,” and “The Brutal Telling.” The series continues with “Bury Your Dead,” “A Trick of the Light,” “The Beautiful Mystery,” “How the Light Gets In,” and “The Long Way Home,” among others. It concludes with the most recent installment, “A Better Man.”

Inspector Gamache Books In Order

Still Life2005Free Audiobook $0
A Fatal Grace2006Free Audiobook $0
The Cruellest Month2007Free Audiobook $0
A Rule Against Murder2008Free Audiobook $0
The Brutal Telling2009Free Audiobook $0
Bury Your Dead2010Free Audiobook $0
A Trick of the Light2011Free Audiobook $0
The Beautiful Mystery2012Free Audiobook $0
How the Light Gets In2013Free Audiobook $0
The Long Way Home2014Free Audiobook $0
The Nature of the Beast2015Free Audiobook $0
A Great Reckoning2016Free Audiobook $0
Glass Houses2017Free Audiobook $0
Kingdom of the Blind2018Free Audiobook $0
A Better Man2019Free Audiobook $0
All the Devils Are Here2020Free Audiobook $0
The Madness of Crowds2021Free Audiobook $0
A World of Curiosities2022Free Audiobook $0

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

State of Terror2021Free Audiobook $0

Louise Penny Series Reading Order!

There are three ways to read the Louise Penny book series. The first is the simplest one, you take the books like you want in any order. The second is to follow the Louise Penny publication order. The third is Louise Penny chronological order!

Should we read Louise Penny Books in Order?

According to my honest opinion, you need to read Louise Penny books in order, in spite of the fact that pretty much all books start and end with a different narrative. Reading the books out of sequence could end up being confusing at times. Most books in Louise Penny series reference the previous one and never have read these earlier stories initially, it may feel a bit awkward.

Whenever you speak with Louise Penny fans who love the books, you’ll notice that they are, (like me) nearly reading the Louise Penny books in order. So do yourself a favour and begin the Louise Penny books in order, from the very first book, Still Life, A Fatal Grace, The Cruellest Month and A Rule Against Murder. Hope, you may not be disappointed!

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About Louise Penny

Louise Penny, born in Toronto, Canada, is a highly acclaimed author known for her mystery novels. Before turning to writing, she worked as a journalist and radio host. Penny’s career as a novelist took off with the publication of her debut novel, “Still Life,” in 2005. Since then, she has captivated readers with her gripping storytelling and unforgettable characters.

Penny’s books predominantly feature Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, a beloved protagonist who navigates complex crimes and personal challenges. Her intricate narratives explore themes of love, loss, and the human capacity for resilience. With each new release, Penny’s fanbase continues to grow, and her books have received numerous accolades and awards.

Inside Louise Penny Books

Penny’s books transport readers to the fictional village of Three Pines in Quebec, Canada. This idyllic setting serves as the backdrop for a series of intriguing mysteries that unfold within the close-knit community. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, accompanied by his team of investigators, must unravel the secrets and dark pasts of the village residents to solve the crimes that plague Three Pines.

Penny’s expert storytelling weaves together intricate plots filled with twists and turns that keep readers guessing until the final pages. Her vivid descriptions and nuanced characterizations bring the village and its inhabitants to life, making readers feel as though they are part of the community themselves. Each book in the series explores a different mystery while also delving into the personal lives of the characters, creating a rich and immersive reading experience.

Transformation of Louise Penny Books Into Movies

The popularity of Louise Penny’s books has led to their transformation into movies and television adaptations. The beloved character of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has been brought to life on screen, captivating audiences with his astute investigative skills and compelling presence. These adaptations have further increased the reach of Penny’s stories, introducing her captivating world to a wider audience.


For fans of mystery novels, Louise Penny’s books offer an enthralling reading experience. With their intricate plots, memorable characters, and captivating storytelling, her novels have garnered a devoted following. If you’re new to Louise Penny’s works, start with “Still Life” and immerse yourself in the world of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. From there, explore the rest of the series in order to fully appreciate the evolution of characters and storylines. Get ready for a journey filled with suspense, emotion, and the thrill of solving gripping mysteries.

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  • Transformation of Louise Penny Books Into Movies

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