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Mother Teresa Biography – Biography Books: Writing about Mother Teresa can be both a frustrating and challenging exercise. On the surface, she appears almost one-dimensional, living a simple life devoted to her calling and her faith. Closer inspection, however, reveals a personality so rife with contradictions that it is difficult to explain her motives and purposes.

What is the reality? What finally can a biographer conclude about the life of Mother Teresa? In many ways, Mother Teresa defies the biographer’s art. Her life is not interesting. There are, or seem to be, no great adventures, no great crises, no great sorrows, no great turning points.

Most biographies of her are so reverential and so one-dimensional, that it is easy to forget that she was a human being and did not from birth belong to the ages. Even a list of her numerous accomplishments and awards does little to capture her inner life. She did not appear to suffer from the terrible internal conflicts, hardships, or adversities that often mark a great and memorable life. Rather, her life was mundane and ordinary, and she never pretended it to be otherwise.

Perhaps, though, her very ordinariness provides a starting point for the biographer. How did this unexceptional woman captivate and console so many that she has come to take her place among the monumental personalities of the age?

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The writer of this biography book “Mother Teresa Biography – Biography Books” is Meg Greene.

While the emphasis is on fact, not glorification, the books are meant to be fun to read. Each volume provides in-depth information about the subject’s life from birth through childhood, the teen years, and adulthood.

A thorough account relates family background and education, traces personal and professional influences, and explores struggles, accomplishments, and contributions.

A timeline highlights the most significant life events against a historical perspective. Bibliographies supplement the reference value of each volume.

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