Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: These scary stories will take you on a weird and fearsome journey, where darkness or fog or mist or the sound, of an individual screaming or a dog howling turns ordinary places into nightmarish place-s, where nothing is what you expect.

People are telling scary stories for as long as anyone knows. From the first, they were tales of su­pernatural creatures that people feared would harm them-bogeymen, monsters, demons, ghosts, and evil spirits lurking in the dark, waiting for a chance to strike. We still tell stories about creatures we fear, but not all of them are about bogeymen and demons. Quite a few are about living people. You will meet some of them a fat and jolly butcher, a friendly girt who plays a drum, a neighbor, and others who at best, are not to be trusted.

Scary stories of this type often have· a significant purpose. They may warn young people of dangers that await them when they set out in the world on their own. But for the foremost part, we tell scary stories to possess fun. We turn out the lights, or we leave just a candle burning. Then we sit approximate and tell the scariest stories we all know . Often these include some that have been passed down over hundreds of years.

If a story is horrifying enough, your flesh begins to creep. You get a shivery, shaky, screamy feeling. You imagine hearing and seeing things. You hold your breath as you wait to learn how it all ends. If something startling happens, everyone GASPS! or JUMPS! or SCREAMS!

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