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Textbook of Engineering Drawing: Building drawing is a two-dimensional portrayal of three-dimensional articles. When all is said in done, it gives fundamental data about the shape, measure, surface quality, material, fabricating process, and so forth., of the item. It is the realistic language from which a prepared individual can envision objects.

Illustrations arranged in one nation might be used in some other nation independent of the language spoken. Subsequently, designing illustration is known as the all-inclusive language of specialists. Any language to be open, ought to pursue certain principles with the goal that it passes on similar importance to each one. Additionally, drawing practice must pursue certain tenets, on the off chance that it is to fill in as a method for correspondence. For this reason, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) adjusted the International Measures on a code of training for illustration. The other outside measures are DIN of Germany, BS of Britain and ANSI of America.

By K. Venkata Reddy

Peace to all who follow guidance (20.47)

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Contents of Textbook of Engineering Drawing:

Drawing Instruments and Accessories 1.1-1.5
1.1 Introduction, 1.1
1.2 Role of Engineering Drawing, 1.1
1.3 Drawing Instrument and Aids, 1.1
1.3.1 Drawing Board, 1.2
1.3.2 Mini-Draughter, 1.2
1.3.3 Instrument Box, 1.2
1.3.4 Set of Scales, 1.3
1.3.5 French Curves, 1.4
1.3.6 Templates, 1.4
1.3.7 Pencils, 1.4
Lettering and Dimensioning Practices 2.1-2.25
2.1 Introduction. 2.1
2.2 Drawing Sheet, 2.1
2.2.1 Title Block, 2.2
2.2.2 Drawing Sheet Layout (Is 10711 : 2001), 2.3
2.2.3 Folding of Drawing Sheets, 2.3
2.2.4 Lines (IS 10714 (Part 20): 2001 and SP 46: 2003), 2.4
Scales 3.1-3.12
3.1 Introduction, 3.1
3.2 Reducing and Enlarging Scales, 3.1
3.3 Representative Fraction, 3.2
3.4 Types of Scales, 3.2
3.4.1 Plain Scales, 3.2
3.4.2 Diagonal Scales, 3.5
3.4.3 Vernier Scales, 3.9
Geometrical Constructions 4.1-4.51
4.1 Introduction, 4.1
4.2 Conic Sections 4.12
4.2.1 Circle, 4.13
4.2.2 Ellipse, 4.13
4.2.3 Parabola, 4.13
4.2.4 Hyperbola, 4.13
4.2.5 Conic Sections as Loci of a Moving Point, 4.13

The editors/writer of the Textbook of Engineering Drawing Theory:

K. Venkata Reddy

Information about Textbook of Engineering Drawing eBook
Book Name: Textbook of Engineering Drawing
Writer/Editor: K. Venkata Reddy
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 377
Size: 17.6 MB

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