The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen: My honest thoughts on the book’s plot, characters, and overall impact.

Loyal fans of the potent combination of Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles will not be disappointed as they carry on their detective work.

Meet the author of The Surgeon and the terrifying antagonist from that novel: It’s been a couple of years since pop-quirk–medical–thriller superstar Tess Gerritsen produced a newtplussuch another protagonist as the young female surgeon with mysterious ties to a notorious murderer. In the last segment of the narrative set, Warren Hoyt may be in jail, but his spirit continues to torment an immobilized city as if transferring his malign culture to the all-too-eager student. . . and all-too-deadly.

Set amid the high-rise offices and Back Bay brownstones of Boston in the height of summer, a series of vicious and brutal crimes commence in which slick businessmen are compelled to watch their spouses being tormented before being abducted and killed. The pattern mirrors those of psychotic murderers, Warren Hoyt, who is no longer active on the streets.

Lieutenant Detective Jane Rizzoli believes that one of Hoyts followers is following his pattern. When she is forced to face the trauma that Hoyt subjected her to she finds herself fighting not only for herself but against the sexism of her co-workers and the interference of Special Agent Gabriel Dean.

They both become a target of the police when Hoyt later escapes and embarks on a rampage with his unknown “blood brother” in a blood-filled pursuit. This is even more challenging as everywhere Rizzoli goes the danger increases and she has to utilize all available means in order to stop these two from continuing with their terror acts.

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The Apprentice By Tess Gerritsen

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  • Detective Jane Rizzoli: The determined detective scarred by her past encounter with Hoyt.
  • Warren Hoyt: The notorious serial killer whose influence persists even after his capture.
  • Special Agent Gabriel Dean: A mysterious federal agent with hidden knowledge about the case.

Read Time

This is a fantastic weekend read. You’ll find The Apprentice very refreshing if you like to recharge during the holidays.

Depending on how fast one reads, the whole Apprentice can be read in 6-8 hours to experience an amazing combination of suspense and detailed insight into the world of procedures.

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About Tess Gerritsen

Probably one of the most successful Stanford alumni, Tess Gerritsen, the internationally bestselling author, began her writing career circumstantially after getting her M. D. from UCSF. She has authored 32 suspense novels, with “The Apprentice” being bought by Amazon Studios.


The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen turned out to be a masterpiece, which reveals the wastes of crime and psychological breakdowns. Its character creations are clever and unstable and pay great attention to details that make the readers sit on the edge of their seats while combining high-action elements with strong and buried feelings.

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