The Darkest Lie – Lords of the Underworld Book 11

The Darkest Lie – Lords of the Underworld: Gena Showalter returns with a bang with another stanching master piece of her mighty pen. The lords of the underworld are all brutal, savages and always bent to devour and engulf their prey. They are unimaginably powerful strong and seductive.

Ashlyn Darrow is hunted and tortured by the echoes of her past life. She comes to Budapset in order to get from a man who is said to possess supernatural powers. At that time, she does not know that she was searching for her ultimate trap of love in the shape of Maddox. He is one of the members of the Lords of the Underworld.

Ashlyn Darrow is captured by the killing smile and fascinating personality of Maddox. He is also the victim of the toxicating eyes of Ashlyn Darrow. Each of them is under the heavy influence of the other. They want to quench the thirst of their tormented body and burning souls with the shower of love. Every warm touch and heated kiss causes them to come close to their ultimate destruction as the the other members of the lords of the underworld would not allow their mixing with each other and having the pleasures of forbidden love. Love tests the lovers and their test was to go through fire and water and it was really a soul shattering test.

The Darkest Lie: Gena Showalter

 The truth forces him to kneel down before the agony and mental tortures. Gideon is bestowed with the power to recognize lie. He catches Scarlet who is immortal being and is hunted. Scarlet reiterates that she is his wife who is lost long ago. Gideon is totally forgetful of having such a beautiful wife but after watching her, he is as anxious to get her as she is.

 Nightmare has taken the control of Scarlet and it is dangerous to wander here and there freely. The two having the same future definitely bring about their destruction and deterioration. It becomes quite clear from the fact that the enemies of Gideon are coming closer to him. The lords of the underworld threatened him to ruin them if they continue their path to love and mating.

The darkest Lie is more thrilling, full of suspense and sensation. A well knitted plot, twists and turns in the story, surprising unfolds and astonishing dialogue are the main characteristics of the darkest lie. The lords of the underworld are in more power authority and display amazing stunts.

About The Author

Gena Showalter is one the most appealing and worth reading authors. She is among the bestsellers in the world. She introduced in fiction the series which not only attracted the European and USA people but also in the entire world where English is spoken and understood. The Lord of the Underworld is a shocking series and received with awe, suspense and admiration.

The Darkest Lie: Book details

The series is worth reading. The book would definitely catch you by surprise. Visit the following sites to enjoy the amazing series of the Lords of the Under world.

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