The Darkest Night – Lords of the Underworld Book 1

The Darkest Night: Unbearable feelings of seduction are one of the dominating passions of The Lords of the Underworld. They are there to crush every beauty to quench their thirst of seduction.  Ashlyn Darrow is cursed by gods and is flying into rags.

Maddox is also the partner in the prison and sooth her anger and helps her in catharsis. She is in search of lords of the underworld. Buy why? That remains hidden from Maddox. Under the heavy burden of the past vices, Ashylyn wants to help Maddox in getting rid of death curse. The suspense remains whether  Maddox would return to humanity and would be able to save them both and The Darkest Night would reveal the fact.

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The vices of The Darkest Night are the main source of torment and mental infliction for Ashlyn.  All her efforts are directed to end the nightmare and ghost of the past from her life. In this condition, she is looking for a powerful man who could help her get out of this bitter part of her life, she met Maddox and he is superhuman being with magical powers. But she is not aware that Maddox is himself trapped in a hell of his and is cursed by the Lord for ever as he is the most dangerous member of The Lords of the Underworld. Despite the hopelessness, both attracted to each other and could not resist the strong passion of sex. The burning love, tempting kisses and heated touches become the cause of their closeness.  

Gena Showalter is one the most favorite writers among the English readers. Her favorite topic is to bring out the human psychology which is related with the most delicate feeling of love and the most dangerous desires of crime and power. Her best novel like series of the darkest nights is the proof that she has a vast knowledge and personal experience of these passions which are dominant in human nature. If you want to discover the hidden feelings of human both male and female, you are to read her books and they would give better understanding of human beings.


The darkest night would definitely amuse and entertain you not only your aesthetic sense but also your uncontrollable passions. The lords of the underworld are, no doubt, are hidden inside us. Just read it and learn about the lords of the underworld in you. Read it and recommend it to fiction lovers.

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