The Final Winter- An Apocalyptic Horror Novel

Harry sipped his latest beer while yet one more news update flashed across the pub’s dusty television. A female reporter appeared onscreen, enveloped by an over-sized pink ski-jacket and covered in snow. “Good evening,” she said politely, a slight shiver in her voice. “I’m Jane Hamilton with Midland-UK News.

As you can clearly see, the nineteen-inches of snow Britain has witnessed during the previous 24-hours has left the nation’s transportation network in disarray.” The camera panned to overlook a deserted motorway. A sky-blue transit van lay overturned and abandoned in its center; its mystery cargo strewn across – and half-buried by – the snow. The reporter set free a breath that steamed the air, then continued. “Major roads have now been closed off and therefore the nation’s rail links are terminated until further notice. Schools are closed, along with nonessential businesses, while hospitals do their best to stay open.

The current death toll of weather-related fatalities is now at twenty-seven and feared to rise. Emergency services have found out a helpline so as to help anyone in serious need and to offer advice on how best to survive the present freezing temperatures. That number is being displayed at rock bottom of the screen now.” Harry shook his head. How long are they going keep this up?

We get it, the weather’s bad! A multi-colored map of the world superimposed itself at the highest right of the screen, then slowly turned white to represent the recent snowfall. “From barren deserts to areas of dense rain forest, all are subjected to unprecedented snowfall, some for the primary time in centuries. Never before in recorded history has such an occasion been known to occur. Certain religious leaders are calling this-”

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