The Glass Queen – The Forest of Good and Evil Book 1

Glass Queen – The Forest of Good and Evil Book: Ashleigh Ansklelisa is the heroin of the Gena Showalter new book. She has week heart and so she is named the glass queen which can break even with a slight blow from ny body. The name itself is used in braoder sense and in accordance with the background and theme of the great book.

Other may be unaware but the hero of the book King Avian knows well that she is not week but the most dangerous creature on the earth. The scenes and action of the story appears to be in Cinderella setting. It takes the readers to the world of imagination, horror, thrill and suspense. The glass queen fights till the end

The land of Enchantia is full of twists, turns , intrigues and plots. Forbidden love, treacheries, hidden enemies and devastating magic are the qualities that adorn the  black land  of black magic. The Glass Queen has to face them and conquer them to achieve her targets.

The Glass Queen


The conflict of either winning  love or losing everything even lives.

Midnight brings new changes and the resolute prince with strong mind to defeat the enemy wages a war against the odds to win the Glass Queen and the crown ship of the country. The Glass Queen is also a dangerous thing to deal with. She puts strong and unflinching resistant to defend her against the increasing temptation and attraction of the king Avian.

The Forest of Good and Evil is the most shocking, surprising and spellbinding novel by Gena Showallter. Retaliation, nasty and thrilling action, heated love and unstoppable attraction for each other make the novel one of the most appealing and worth reading.

The Glass Queen has everything that can be expected from the mighty pen of Gena Showalter. From the series of the lords of the underworld to the series of the Forest of Good and Evil, she has kept the reader spell bounds till the end of the story. The both are the victim of the fate and do not know where they are heading to in the world over which they have no control.

Good  or Evil

It is said that evil does not come spontaneously but it is nurtured with the water of deeds, food of greed and trimming of intention. Evil is at the same time thought and action and it needs accountability of your own to get out of it. The forest of good and evil is a fight between good and evil.

The Glass Queen is no exception. She is not born evil but the evil is thrust upon her by the supernatural powers and she is helpless, in the state of confusion, awe and perplexing, she fights her way to meet her destiny and this brings her face to face with king Avian who is determined to grab the kingdom and to set his rule. Both meet and fight with each other and then for each other til they succeeded in winning their ultimate goal.

About Author

Gena Showalter is considered among the best sellers in the New York Times and USA Today. She has become the most popular writing figure because of the stunning and heart rendering series of the Forest of Good and Evil. She is worth reading author who would suck out your soul from your body when you start reading this series.

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Listening Length16 hours and 17 minutes
AuthorGena Showalter
NarratorCaitlin KellyJames Fouhey
Whispersync for VoiceReady Release DateSeptember 29, 2020
PublisherHarlequin Audio
Program TypeAudiobook
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