Artemis Fowl Books in Order by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl Books in Order by Eoin Colfer: The Artemis Fowl series is made of novels in the science fiction fantasy genre written by Eoin Colfer, an Irish author. The novels feature the main character Artemis Fowl II who is a teen and a criminal mastermind.

Artemis Fowl Books in Order

From the very first book Artemis catches Holly Short, a fairy and holds her for ransom so as to restore the chance of his family. Artemis is introduced in the beginning as a sort of anti-hero however his character changes and grows more complicated over the course of this chronology. The first publication in the series, Artemis Fowl, was printed in 2001 and the previous book in the series, Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian premiered in July 2012.

Artemis Fowl Books in Order

The series was adapted into graphic novels and the novels have been well received critically and among subscribers and achieved huge sales numbers, selling over 21 million copies worldwide.

Here are Artemis Fowl Books in Order by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl Books in Order
Artemis Fowl2001Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Arctic Incident2002Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Eternity Code2003Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Opal Deception2005Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Lost Colony2006Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Time Paradox2008Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Atlantis Complex2010Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
The Last Guardian2012Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle Audio
Artemis Fowl Books in Order

The very first book in this series is only titled Artemis Fowl. The main character Artemis is twelve years old, a genius, child prodigy, a millionaire, and a criminal mastermind. He is the son of Artemis Fowl I, an Irish crime lord and has followed in his dad’s footsteps by dedicating himself to criminal pursuits. The Fowl household has headed the criminal empire for generations and Artemis thinks after a lot of research that he has confirmed fairies exist. He travels to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with his bodyguard Butler to monitor The Book of the People, a Fairy Holy Book.

Books Being Made Into A Movie: The first and second book in the Artemis Fowl series has been optioned to be made into a movie. Artemis Fowl will be made to a feature film by the Weinstein Company and Walt Disney Studios. Miramax announced plans to create the book into a film in 2001 and the project was in development from 2003 on. A launch date has not yet been declared.

Year Book Cover Title Author Latest Price
2001 Artemis Fowl 1 by Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2002 Arctic Incident The Arctic Incident Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2003 The Eternity Code The Eternity Code Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2005 The Opal Deception The Opal Deception Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2006 The Lost Colony The Lost Colony Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2008 The Time Paradox The Time Paradox Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2010 The Atlantis Complex The Atlantis Complex Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
2012 The Last Guardian The Last Guardian Eoin Colfer WANT TO READ
Artemis Fowl Books in Order

Artemis Fowl Book 1 by Eoin Colfer

How powerful can a 12-year-old be? Would he be able to outwit a military force that is operated by magic fairies? Eoin Colfer brings us into the world of Artemis Fowl, a super intelligent young guy dedicated to regaining his household wealth and finding his missing father. Starting off in Vietnam with his trusted bodyguard Butler, Artemis has learned that bewitching creatures such as fairies are real and has found a cast-off fairy on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to the fairy, Artemis obtains a copy of a secret fairy book.

The Arctic Incident Book 2 by Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer has additional layers and depth into the teenaged titular criminal genius with his second book. Clients will marvel at the thinking process of Artemis while rooting for Artemis to triumph. Artemis Fowl Sr. has been lost for the last few years. Believed Dead, a ransom note is delivered to young Artemis which initiates the action of the film. Artemis must manufacture a rationale for being out of college to ensure a rescue program can be concocted. In Haven City that a goblin insurrection is causing havoc to the fairy planet.

The Eternity Code Book 3 by Eoin Colfer

Even though He’s meeting with a criminal tycoon named Jon Spiro, the boy genius has shifted and is searching for one last unlawful score prior to departing the underworld. Now with his father home and his mother treated, Artemis has his loved ones , and it is difficult to be a criminal genius when your parents are constantly looking over your shoulder. C-Cube is a new device developed by Artemis Fowl by using his super intelligence to hack fairy powers. C-Cube can be used to get access to locked door, satellite locations, an encrypted file, a computer network, anything.

The Opal Deception Book 4 by Eoin Colfer

Artemis having his memory erased in the preceding book has dropped all of the good intentions and most of the positive character traits he gained through his contact with the fairy people. Currently, he’s trying to steal a precious art,’The Fairy Thief’. As a result of Butler’s quick thinking, Artemis is saved in an assassination attempt from Opal Koboi. Brought back with Holly, Artemis regains his memories and both work together with Butler and Mulch Diggums to stop Opal.

The Lost Colony Book 5 by Eoin Colfer

This heartbeat pounding action packed narrative has our protagonist, Artemis Fowl, starting the book off predicting when demons will materialize on Earth. When he attempts to permeate one in Barcelona, Artemis learns he isn’t the sole super genius in the world on the road of those mythical creatures. He meets another young super genius with mysterious plans, called Minerva Paradizo. The Lost Colony Book 5 by Eoin Colfer is a super book in Artemis Fowl series. You read now to imagine super powers!

The Time Paradox Book 6 by Eoin Colfer

Filled with stress and plans gone awry, Artemis Fowl is made to confront two of the funniest enemies that he could confront, Opal Koboi and also a younger version of himself. Author Eoin Colfer adds to his charming world by adding time travel into his narrative that forces readers to see the paradox of the story in the title. Artemis causes a upcoming occasion by traveling back in time. Had he never traveled back in time that the story would never have happened.

The Atlantis Complex Book 7 by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is pushed to the edge of his own intelligence in publication Seven of this sequence. We get to see just how his criminal schemes have taken a toll on Artemis and his emotional well-being. Try as he may Artemis hasn’t flown the straight path, whether he is robbing other criminals or stealing fairy magic since he travels through the dimensional time flow, Artemis Fowl is usually around something. In Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Sophisticated readers get to find that sometimes the greatest villain of all is our own internal demons.

The Last Guardian Book 8 by Eoin Colfer

To where it all started, at Fowl Manor. Opal Koboi, the evil pixie that’s Bent on world domination, has hatched a plan that won’t only break Her from jail, cripple the police force of Haven City, but also get Her entry to the hidden gate of berserker warriors that have been Hidden for thousands of years on Fowl property.

Last Guardian is the last episode about Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. This book is one of the most read in series.

The last action for Artemis series is the one that allows the genius to demonstrate just how much he’s changed but enables him to out think even the supreme sacrifice and survive. Artemis Fowl, The Last Guardian ends the show on a high note while not betraying the principles of the seven previous novels. We get actions, an epic battle with the principal villain, and a settlement to the world viewers love. Artemis Fowl has matured, and the world is better for it. After reading my article “Artemis Fowl Books in Order by Eoin Colfer“, are you know all Artemis Fowl Books in Order? Tell us in comment box!

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