Bad luck and Trouble – Jack Reacher Book 11 by Lee Child

Bad luck and Trouble – Jack Reacher Book 11 by Lee Child: Startling and spectacular Bad Luck and trouble by Lee Child is in the hands of the readers to boost them morally as well as physically. The desert state of California is sleeping in the hot and warm heat but the criminals are awake and busy in accomplishing their dirty game. A helicopter is hovering over the empty desert. It throws out the dead body of a person.

On the other side, in Chicago, a woman receives a deadly and dangerous news that A team of killers is killing the elite team of the ex military investigators. Jack Reacher is in Portland and gets news enveloped in codes which he and few other soldiers are familiar with. The first scene by Lee Child shows that Jack Reacher bursts like bomb shell and plunged deep into the heart of the conspiracy with a dagger. The start predicts that something even harder and dangerous is going to happen in the next part of the novel.  

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Bad Luck and trouble | Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher as usual is roaming about the streets of Portland. He is loaded with his bag, an ATM card and in casual dress with no tie or coat, even no address to reach at. To approach Jack Reacher in this situation seems impossible but a woman colleague during his military jobs makes this impossible possible. Frances Neagley, a member of his ex team finds him with the help of the signals which are understood by the eight members of his team. 

Jack Reacher is conveyed the news of the merciless murder of the ex military cope they both served with. Jack Reacher at once takes the action and joins the survivors to investigate and defend his partners. He scrambles to defend the living and buries the dead. The killers connected the dots in such way that it grows darker day by day. The more they try to unveil the mystery, the more they are left in dark. at the same time, two more ex military copes are missing. They also miss the trail that could lead them to the signs of Vegas and the dark international terror group.

Bad luck and trouble by Lee Child for Jack Reacher continues but these entire things are not familiar with Jack Reacher. He starts reacting to every sound that is heard, to every suspicion that arises, every scent that is smelt and every step that is heard.

Jack Reacher starts trusting the people who were once his trusted companion. He knows that the world of bad luck and trouble will hit him and his companion; they would already be prepared to equal the bad luck and trouble.

Thrilling action, events leading to suspense and secrecy, striking the opposite with hard and tough coin are the traits that are waiting for the lovers of the suspense and thrill.

About Author

Lee Child is one among the world’s leading heroic tale writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and currently lives in big apple. . . Lee is that the recipient of the many awards, last Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. Lee Child is a more painter than the mere writer. He illustrates his character as if he living legend and is full of life.

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Book detail

Listening Length13 hours and 46 minutes
AuthorLee Child
NarratorDick Hill
Whispersync for VoiceReady Release DateFebruary 02, 2021
PublisherRandom House Audio
Program TypeAudiobook

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