Nothing to Lose – Jack Reacher Book 12 by Lee Child

Nothing To Lose – Jack Reacher Book 12 by Lee Child: The novel “Nothing to Lose” takes place in the two towns of state Colorado. Hope and Despair are the towns which make the plot of the novel. There is distance of twelve miles between these two towns. Jack Reacher has the habit of looking always forward without turning back. He is fond of coffee and is looking for a cup of coffee. But instead of finding cup of coffee, he is caught in the pool of trouble.

Lee Child introduces new novel with electrifying intensity. Jack Reacher is a man of fearless nature and has no illusion. He is engaged in a war in the town that wants to put him into dead coffin. A he has nothing to lose, he never cares anything that could damage him or damp his courage. The sense of nothing to lose makes him face every situation with bold and daring manners.

Nothing To Lose | Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is only in the loitering mood and is not expecting anything harsh or repulsive. But to the contrary of his expectation, he is welcomed with new intrigues and secretes attack.  He comes to know that the deputy of the town is in hospital of the town Hope. Jack Reacher at once reaches there and comes to know the surprising facts about the industrial town of Despair. The industrial site of the town was involved in heinous activities about which no body was expecting and believing.  

It is seen that a small plane lands every night there in the industrial site and goes back after spending seven hours in the area. It is also observed by Jack Reacher that the garrison of well trained and well armed military cops are keeping watch are waiting for something. Above everything else, two young men are missing and two frightened young men are waiting for their safe return to their town. 

A beautiful female soldier accompanies Jack Reacher. She has been running the town Hope successfully for the last many years. She is ready to fight against the town Despair. He wages a war against the authorities of the town. They try to break up his vows and intention by using different methods of terrifying him, by pushing him in worst situations, and by launching deadly attacks at him. Many secrets are revealed during this warfare. A network that was killing the American is also exposed during this war.  

Presently, between a town and the one who claims it, among Reacher and his heart, something needs to give. What’s more, Reacher never offers a bit of leeway. Leaves turn. Snow falls. Robins tweet. Furthermore, another Jack Reacher tale shows up as the year’s first intensely hot sea shore book. Really, this is the way a few of us monitor the seasons.

That is on the grounds that Lee Child‘s brainiest troublemaker arrangement has been on a consistent series of wins, an example that started three books back with “One Shot” and proceeds through the most recent portion, “Nothing to Lose.” The achievement of these books lays somewhat on the huge, massive shoulders of their magnetic saint, yet additionally on Mr. Kid’s incredible love of gamesmanship. Each book includes a progression of difficulties for Reacher’s impressive forces of derivation. Each tosses down a test to Mr. Kid, as well.

“Nothing to Lose” is Lee Child‘s steepest accomplishment of heightening so far.. It’s additionally the Reacher book destined to require mathematical representations wrote in edges. Indeed, some novice peruses might be gulled into deduction they will appreciate just the undertakings of a way-cool person who likes to battle when he’s dwarfed. One of you will be driving the other three to the emergency clinic for a six-month stay. You need me away terrible enough to take those chances?”

Thrilling action, events leading to suspense and secrecy, striking the opposite with hard and tough coin are the traits that are waiting for the lovers of the suspense and thrill.

About Author

Lee Child is one among the world’s leading heroic tale writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and currently lives in big apple. . . Lee is that the recipient of the many awards, last Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. Lee Child is a more painter than the mere writer. He illustrates his character as if he living legend and is full of life.

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  • Publication date : June 3, 2008
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